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Not sure what to make of these new proposed byelaws

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musicposy Fri 23-Dec-16 09:40:44

Someone was talking on my local radio about plans to bring in new dog byelaws. I don't live in the borough linked but I still wonder if it will be the way other councils will go.

I do think they need to tighten on dog fouling, certainly where I live. However, some of the proposals seem a bit over the top. One is that if you're walking three dogs, two have to be on a lead.

I have four dogs and generally keep the most skittish on a lead unless I have another family member with me. However, the man was saying on the radio that with three dogs you can't see if they poo as one might be behind you. I thought this was ridiculous. I watch all four of my dogs like a hawk and always pick up, even if it means walking 10 yards to them and searching for the poo. Half the time they've pooed by another dog's poo which some lazy fecker has left and I pick that up too! I think not picking up is caused by being ignorant and lazy, not by having four dogs.

They were also talking about banning dogs from lots more places, including a new housing estate they were building. I do worry we will get to a point where dogs are not allowed anywhere at all. I'd like much tighter regulations on fouling because it's disgusting, but I don't think banning dogs from everywhere is the answer.

Link to article here though most of what I picked up was on the radio. I wondered what others thought.

Deadnettle Fri 23-Dec-16 10:35:50

These type of bylaws have been introduced in the nearest city to me and as far as I can tell it's not made much difference, but I don't know for sure.

The people who don't pick up after their dogs still don't pick up after their dogs! Responsible dog owners obey the new bylaws because they have alway obeyed any laws reguarding their dogs. Its the irresponsible dog owners that cause the problem and they will continue to be irresponsible no matter what.

Who enforces it anyway? There is a fine here for dog fouling (between £100 and £1000) and it still happens a lot. I've never heard of anyone getting fined and I have never seen the dog walden, who now has a massive area to cover.

Scuttlebutter Fri 23-Dec-16 17:29:48

The thing about multiple dogs is aimed at professional dog walkers who in some areas are not shining examples of picking up their charges' poo.

Like all these sorts of regulations, it's only as good as the enforcement of it. Usually with these a wider range of Council officers can enforce such as park rangers and quite often local PCSOs as well.

Looking at the article, the Council is doing the right thing and asking for views so if you live nearby and are affected it's worth commenting.

Lara2 Sat 24-Dec-16 19:49:19

musicposy - I live in that Borough and have taken part in the public consultation. I don't recall any mention of banning dogs from any new housing estates in the proposals. You're right about picking up the poo - too many lazy feckers around - I also end up picking up poo that my dog hasn't done.
It's not just about poo though, it's also about having proper control over the dog(s) you're walking. I take a small group of children to the local country park once a week and there are several dog walkers who are there at the same time - often with as many as eight dogs. They don't watch the dogs and often leave the poo (I offer them a bag), and they don't have proper control over them. The dogs often run at the children, around them etc which is alarming for them. We have taught the children how to behave safely and appropriately around dogs, but it's hard when you have a big, wet dog leaping at a 5 year old!
I've had dogs for years, so not anti- dog at all; just anti-irresponsible owners/walkers.

orangeyellowgreen Sun 25-Dec-16 20:13:56

New laws concerning animals are routinely ignored and never enforced, examples are the ban on hunting with dogs, anti-fouling, limits on numbers of dogs being walked, docking tails of pet dogs.
The police have no interest in animals.

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