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update about Meg

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Wordsaremything Wed 21-Dec-16 18:15:32

Hello Everyone

I started a thread a while ago (can't find it now ) about my dear old girl being on the last lap. I eventually stopped posting on it as 1. It became clear she actually wasn't and 2. I didn't want to upset anyone whose dog really was near the end, and 3. I was very worried given both these people might think I'm a troll, with all the ups and downs and emotion.

Anyway I thought I'd post an update for anyone interested.

It's just that she is so resilient. She will have a bad few days and then bounce back again. Just recently I took her to the field with my other dog, let both off the lead, threw ball for him, expecting her to wobble around sniffing- she set off like a bat out of hell, tail helicoptering tail , reached the ball first, grabbed it and ran off!

Floralnomad Wed 21-Dec-16 18:25:23

My mum has a yoyo dog like this as well , he's 15 and has numerous health issues including arthritis , dementia and digestive issues , in Oct he suffered a vestibular syndrome attack and we thought that would be it . Last Christmas we said he would be lucky to see the next one yet at the moment he's bouncing about like a spring chicken , next week who knows , she also has his littermate and she is the picture of health . Hope your dog continues to enjoy life .

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