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Quick check on house training, am I doing this right?

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BurningBridges Mon 19-Dec-16 16:33:12

We've had a dog before I know they are all different, last time I confined puppy to kitchen with newspaper which then led directly into the garden (although it was spring). This time with new dog I am waiting half an hour to see if he needs to go then trying and failing to catch him but even as its coming out (sorry) i take him the garden and say go wee wee. Once out there he thinks its literally Christmas, its his favourite place. He did one wee out there around 3am this morning and the rest have been in the house including a recent poo under the christmas tree.

I only got him yesterday 9 weeks but I am just so surprised at how much he loves the cold dark garden to play in and regards the house as a massive soft furnished toilet! There are puppy pads down, sometimes he uses them sometimes not, and the breeder said use newspaper - he hasn't even glanced at that.

Am I doing something wrong?

Floralnomad Mon 19-Dec-16 16:37:43

burning , what sort of puppy did you get ? Get rid of the pads / newspaper , take out every 30-60 mins , after meals , when he wakes up or anytime he looks like he is thinking about going . When you go out in the garden don't play , if he's messing about in the night outside take him out on a lead . Good luck with your pup , I bet your daughters are enormously excited , any chance of pics ?

BurningBridges Mon 19-Dec-16 16:48:27

Hello Floral!!! I got another Cockerpoo in the end, he's adorable.

Yes I am glad you have confirmed that, don't play in the garden.

TrionicLettuce Mon 19-Dec-16 16:51:07

Definitely ditch any pads/paper, at best all they do is prolong the process.

I'm surprised the breeder suggested using paper, had they not already started house training the litter?

This is a really great guide to toilet training.

Wolfiefan Mon 19-Dec-16 16:52:12

I've used that guide. It really does work. Good luck.

Floralnomad Mon 19-Dec-16 16:53:02

OMG he is so cute , looks very cocker . I hope you have many years of happiness with him .

BurningBridges Mon 19-Dec-16 17:05:14

Aw that is a brilliant guide and exactly what is happening, I thought something like that - because our last dog was fine with the newspaper I assumed that this one would be so if a breeder says to me "paper trained" I'd assume that was ok for me.

Thanks Floral, me too sad

Sparklywine Mon 19-Dec-16 17:20:19

I recognise that sofa! My poo is from there, she's a good girl but even now at six months she'd rather poo in the nice warm lounge given the chance, I have to watch her like a hawk if she's not gone recently on a walk or has just eaten. Not v helpful, sorry, it is getting better but I'm still out at all hours trilling "Weeeeeee tiiiiiiiiiiiime!". Just wanted to post support and say hi to a relative as no doubt they have the same tart of a dad!

Floralnomad Mon 19-Dec-16 17:24:48

Come on sparkly lets have a pic of yours as well

Wonderflonium Mon 19-Dec-16 17:25:23

We took nice treats out with us into the garden so she'd get rewarded for weeing/pooing in the early days. And we took her out after every change in activity.

Sparklywine Mon 19-Dec-16 17:34:44

As you asked so nicely Floral <preen> Here she is in a rare unmuddy pose! That is very obviously not my sofa by the way grin

TrionicLettuce Mon 19-Dec-16 17:41:56

Those of you with pups from this place, did they microchip them with your details rather than with their own which you then change once you have the paperwork? Just curious as on some of their adverts they say they will.

Sparklywine Mon 19-Dec-16 18:06:48

Hi Trionic, yes they did. My sister has just got a whippet pup by the way, I have already passed on some of your great advice <deflects questioning>

Ylvamoon Mon 19-Dec-16 18:37:43

TrionicLettuce & Sparklywine - since April this year, breeders have to register the micro chip to their name. It is up to the new owner to change ownership.

TrionicLettuce Mon 19-Dec-16 18:40:14

That's why I was asking Ylva

The first registered keeper of a puppy must be the breeder. If this breeder is chipping pups and immediately registering them to their new owners then they're breaking the law.

Sparklywine Mon 19-Dec-16 19:26:28

I understood that they were changing the chip details to ours on our actual pick-up day, as pup had been chipped for a few weeks at this point, I assume to the breeders details as they did say that if the chip was scanned then their details could be traced aswell, as a back-up incase she got lost. We got the confirmation through the post. Thread derailed enough I think!

BurningBridges Mon 19-Dec-16 19:40:33

he's chipped to me and same thing as Sparkly says. So, SW is your girl a chocolate sable? And yes it is a rather iconic sofa now.

We've had a stressful day and its difficult keeping everyone's spirits up as 4 of us are taking it in turns to have him in the garden but there is a big problem - he spends his entire time trying to eat snails. Its a small but dark garden and even by twilight he was ducking under bushes to hunt them out. We hope we have removed two from his mouth but they were well chewed by the time we got them out- I always worry with puppy mouths as I know fingers can cause a lot of damage to the palate.

And I know its not freezing but its cold and we are having to stand out there - we're doing 20 minutes at a go each, still nothing.

I feel a bit sick, maybe its exhaustion as I was up with him till 4am this morning. Specially as he won't even go on the newspaper/puppy pads, he just wants to do it on the floor. Anyway, happy to put the time in, but I haven't been able to work at all today.

BurningBridges Mon 19-Dec-16 19:41:53

Sparkly they only the put the tales of the ones who were housetrained after the first 30 seconds on the website eh?! wink

Floralnomad Mon 19-Dec-16 20:07:36

burning , I'd take him out on a lead al the time for the toilet and only stay out for 5-10 mins , if he doesn't go bring him in and go out again in 15 /20 mins , at the moment he's just having fun rather than concentrating on what he should be doing .

Sparklywine Mon 19-Dec-16 20:09:05

Oh bless, he's still tiny and you've only had him a day, take heart! Why up til 4am, would he not sleep? It's quite overwhelming isn't it. We had ours in our room to sleep, maybe that's an option if you are exhausted? We took her out every 30 minutes or so during the day and said "wee time" and it was probably a couple of weeks in before she got it, it felt almost coincidental at first that she would wee outside. I do remember feeling really disheartened that I couldn't even leave a room incase she squatted down, which she did frequently.
It was exhausting persistence and her bladder getting stronger that saw a turning point at about 11 weeks, and suddenly she was going through the night, yay!
Can you section a bit of snail-free garden off for toiletting for now? That's stressful, snails aren't good for them, the little tinker sounds like he just wants to play. Maybe out, command, back in again and repeat repeat with eagle eyes watching for squatting, rather than stand out for ages? Ditch the puppy pads, and have kitchen towel and simple solution on standby!

For the love of cockapoos is a very supportive forum on facebook if you're not on it already, there has just been a recent thread about pooing indoors which seems to go on for a few months with this breed sometimes, again a lot of people feeling duped by the lucky few who post about instant success, ha!
Hope you get some sleep tonight, I found when I stopped stressing about it and accepted I just needed to clean up and move on with the training that it made me feel a bit more in control and relaxed. Sounds like you are doing everything and more, he will get it eventually.
Oh, ours is chocolate and tan, bit of a mismatch and getting lighter all the
time but we love her to bits, they're a magic cross-breed! 😉

Sparklywine Mon 19-Dec-16 20:10:10

What floral said more succinctly! 😆

BurningBridges Mon 19-Dec-16 20:15:03

You are right floral but he goes berserk on a lead!

SW thank you for your wise words that's heartening. I know my last cockerpoo toilet trained in days so I was hopeful, too hopeful!! We do have him in a crate in our room. I have some health issues which mean I am often awake way past 1am, if I get a flare up around that time then 2am is more likely, but we'd set the alarm at 3.30am to take him downstairs and it was my turn. He must have been sleepy as it was straight out, wee and straight back in, back in crate then all quiet till 7am - I had to get up to take care of him whilst DH took DD1 to school, then we had to get DD2 up just so I could go to the toilet!

I think mine will get lighter too.

Thank you everyone.

BurningBridges Mon 19-Dec-16 20:15:45

(That was the one and only time he we'd outside but I was grateful!!)

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