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Dog hairs on clothes

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DecaffCoffeeAndRollupsPlease Mon 19-Dec-16 15:48:45

Do you have a magic gadget to remove them with?

LivinOnAChair Mon 19-Dec-16 15:54:32

Aside from a lint roller (which is a bit useless) I've not seen anything, if you find one let me know! I'm sure Ddog is going to end up completely bald if he keeps shedding the way he is.

lovelearning Mon 19-Dec-16 15:58:11

Try one of those sticker-roll thingamajigs.

DecaffCoffeeAndRollupsPlease Mon 19-Dec-16 16:10:43

Where can I get a sticker roll thingy from, somewhere like Argos?

IfartInYourGeneralDirection Mon 19-Dec-16 16:12:17

Wilko and the pound shops sell them. I line up anyone leaving the house and roll it all over them

DecaffCoffeeAndRollupsPlease Mon 19-Dec-16 16:15:08

Thanks. Had a brain freeze.

TattyCat Mon 19-Dec-16 23:33:45

No need for a lint roller. Get out your rubber washing up glove and dust yourself off. Works a treat!

TattyCat Mon 19-Dec-16 23:34:29

Although the lint roller feels quite nice! Bit like an unexpected body massage grin

StarryIllusion Wed 21-Dec-16 23:41:52

Duck tape grin

dudsville Fri 23-Dec-16 22:20:03

I roller myself down every day before I leave for anything. Sometimes I need to change the sticky paper 3 or 4 times.

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