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Laparoscopic (sp?) Spay. Recovery....dogs and cones!

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TinkerStinker Sat 17-Dec-16 13:34:40

TinkerDog was spayed 2 days ago and sent home with the cone of shame.
She's really really not doing well with it at all.
She has been falling asleep sat up, scratching at it to try and get it off. Twice now she's got her nails caught in the spare holes and got quite distressed.
We considered the body suit but she is very funny about being covered so I'm not sure that's going to be any more bearable for her.

She's currently very unhappy. We have a check up on Monday so planning to talk to the vet then. By unhappy I don't just mean miserable I mean unable to settle miserable just walking around and constantly crying. Not sure stress is going to help matters.

She's had the cone off whilst someone is with her to make sure she can't get at the stitches and she's been fine. I think she's more bothered about the hair that's been shaved than the wounds although I wouldn't risk taking my eyes off her.

Two questions. If she need to stay home alone for a short time I'm very worried that she's going to get her nails caught again on the cone....obviously the answer to this is to not leave her alone. This weekend is fine but she will have to do the odd half hour next week.
And secondly how much harm can she do if she gets at her stitches? I feel so bad for her and appreciate I have to follow what the vets have said but I can't stand seeing her so distressed with the bloody cone on....what are the chances of her doing serious damage if she has it off?

YouveCatToBeKittenMe Sat 17-Dec-16 13:43:46

Please don't let her get to the stitches, she could chew her wound open again and would need more surgery.
she only has to keep it on for 10 days, hopefully. A lot of then really don't like the cones but honestly it's a lot worse if they don't wear them!
She may be itchy due to fur regrowth or maybe a bit of clipper burn. If you notice her skin is pink then mention this to the vet at her checkup.
Maybe her cone is a bit loose which is why she's getting her claws stuck?
You could try putting small socks on her feet when you go out so she can't get her claws stuck.

TinkerStinker Sat 17-Dec-16 14:01:43

I cant do it up any tighter.
I could try socks...poor dog...cone and socks grin

willdoitinaminute Sat 17-Dec-16 20:54:15

Can you use some tape ( fabric plaster on a roll ) to cover up the holes? Also taking it on and off may be confusing her more, she will probably get used to it quicker if you leave it on all the time.

JigglyTuff Sat 17-Dec-16 20:59:02

I would try her in a body stocking. How big is she? I made my dog one by sewing cheap babygros together.

She may be less up happy

BillyDaveysDaughter Sat 17-Dec-16 21:02:37

Oh bless her. My dog is the same, very anxious and neurotic and when we first put the cone on after her op she nearly had a nervous breakdown.

We ended up popping a babygro on her - back to front, cut the hands and feet off, buttoned along her back with tail poking through the crutch. She wasn't overly impressed but she could at least settle in it, and she didn't get to her stitches.

Good luck!

sparechange Sat 17-Dec-16 21:07:08

You could try a buster collar!
It's a bit like a human neck brace
Does the same job as a cone of shame but is a lot less stressful for the dog

You should be able to find a local pet shop or vet that sells them

You could also try a body suit but if your dog isn't used to wearing a jacket or similar, they could do more damage if they try and pull it off

The recovery time after a laparoscopic is normally only a few days so hopefully she will be back to normal soon...

LadyWhoLikesLunch Sun 18-Dec-16 01:43:17

Our dog was more of danger with his cone on and after 2 days we took it of him and he didn't touch his sitches.

I know there's such a thing as an elizabethan collar which is a bit like a foam donut which may be more comfortable for your dog.

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