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Suggestions for Xmas present for dog sitter?

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SniffleCentral Wed 14-Dec-16 16:24:30

We have a dog who has a dog sitter visit him twice a day on the couple of days when we're at work. He is never alone for more than 3 hours on those days and the dog sitter is absolutely brilliant. She's clearly really fond of our dog and it really shows in her care for him. She even got him a Christmas present!

What do you think might be a good present to say thanks for all her work this year? She makes a huge difference to our dog's life and we couldn't keep him without her help.

I've got her chocs previously so want to do something different. Wine etc is difficult if you don't know whether someone drinks.

Would it be okay to give money in an envelope as a kind of Xmas bonus?

We found her through an agency so I expect they take a big cut of what we pay them before it makes it's way to her, and I know with many doggy parents at home over Xmas, her pay will be substantially reduced.

Would money be okay eg. £50 in a card?

SniffleCentral Wed 14-Dec-16 19:39:01

Just bumping to see if anyone has any ideas. Would just like to know if cash is okay or not a very 'nice' present, IYSWIM!

We are not particularly well off ourselves (all spare ££ seem to go on dog sitting), so know how tough Xmas can be with insecure work.

pinkmagic1 Wed 14-Dec-16 19:46:18

I'm sure she would love the £50. What a kind thing to do.

Bubble2bubble Thu 15-Dec-16 08:09:51

If you're not sure about cash then pretty much anyone can can use an M&S/ Tesco gift card at this time of year

hennipenni Thu 15-Dec-16 18:58:59

My DD1 is a dog walker/sitter. One of her clients gave her an amazon voucher which was really apprecia by her.

Stefoscope Fri 16-Dec-16 00:58:22

Money sounds like a great idea, I'm sure most people can use the extra cash at this time of year

Chickenagain Fri 16-Dec-16 08:40:40

Artisan gin! Ask me how I know grin

Chickenagain Fri 16-Dec-16 08:46:22

Oops, if money is tight homemade mince pies would be really thoughtful, or a scented candle if you are not into baking (but not if you think you were hinting).....
One of my clients has bought me socks as her baby keeps destroying mine!

SniffleCentral Fri 16-Dec-16 13:51:22

Thanks so much all for the suggestions. Apologies for my delay - last week of term madness!

I like the baking and crafty suggestions, though as I'm not too skilled in either I think I'll go with ££ - as a poster said, it is needed at this time of year especially!

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