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Anxious, attention seeking dog

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Nepotism Wed 23-Nov-16 21:24:57

I've had my six year old lab x collie for four and a half years. The family she was with rehomed her allegedly because they didn't have time to walk her but it became apparent pretty quickly that she had ishoos, particularly with shadows that are barely visible to humans. I've had her eyes checked and there's no problem. She's always been quite nervy. I tried a puppy class when I first got her but couldn't take her off the lead around smaller dogs. She's generally happy if we meet another dog on a walk but doesn't accept that they're allowed in pubs!

She does like a lot of exercise - on weekdays I walk about three miles a day with her chasing a ball so she probably does nine...weekends it's around double. She's at her happiest outside and so am I.

The evenings are the problem and it's getting worse now it's dark so early. She just will not settle. She follows me everywhere and when I eventually sit down she's next to me nipping at my clothes or barking. If I put on the TV she lunges at any animal, real or cartoon. I can't use a vacuum cleaner or any other appliance with a plug! She leaps around almost looking for things to be frightened by.

I'd like to try something like the Adaptil collar or Zylkene, or maybe a thunder shirt. Any views on what's worked for your stressed dog? I'm finding I'm constantly on edge myself now as I'm wary of upsetting the neighbours and she's probably picking up on my anxiety.

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