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Knuckle bones - from what age?

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AlwaysLookOnBrightsideOfLife Mon 21-Nov-16 14:22:20

Friend bought a pack of two knuckle bones from Pets at Home which state "not suitable for puppies under 4 months". Does this mean they can be given to puppies from 5 months onwards?

There seems to be a lot of conflicting advice on Google (raw bones from 10 weeks, other places stating 10 months etc.).

Does anyone know?

toboldlygo Mon 21-Nov-16 16:45:29

Are they raw (frozen) bones or roasted ones?

AlwaysLookOnBrightsideOfLife Mon 21-Nov-16 17:49:13

Sorry I should have said, they're roasted ones.

TrionicLettuce Mon 21-Nov-16 18:06:31

Cooked bones of all kinds are a no no, even the ones sold in pet shops.

Raw bones (as long as they're appropriately sized) are fine for puppies, some breeders even wean straight onto raw. I gather people tend to avoid large weight bearing bones though as even raw they can be pretty hard on the teeth.

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