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Lost dog louth

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Lostdoglouth Mon 21-Nov-16 08:46:26

Hi all

I am a regular but name changed so this doesn't of usual user name.

My mother in laws dog ran off from my father in law on a walk in the Louth area at 2.30pm yesterday. Her lead is still attached. Fil fell over and she disappeared. She still isn't back.

Mil is contacting dogs lost, we have posted on dog pages on fb. Waiting to be added to the local lost and found fb page. I understand tgat she is chipped and has a tag on.I live hours away so not much practical help, just trying to spread the word.

The dogs name is Hara. We are unsure of her age she is a Greek rescue dog but is around 5.

She is about the size of a springer and spaniel like ears. She is a very nervous dog and we are incredibly worried about her. Again not 100% about her breed due to being rescued.

Many thanks

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