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Dog losing weight.

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MazzR Sun 20-Nov-16 20:59:43

We got a beautiful rescue dog on the 20th august. Think he's a pattendale terrier but not too sure. He's 18 months old. He had diarrhoea for a while when we got him so brought him to vets who changed his nuts and gave him a probiotic and antibiotics. The poos settled and he seemed good then. About three weeks ago, I remarked to my dh that he seemed a lot skinnier. Weighed him and he was 11.8 kg. A week later, weighed again and he was 10.3kg. The vet put him on more meds which he's still on and the poos are formed and less frequent. Went bk to vet 4 days ago and they did a full set of bloods which came bk clear and he was 9.4kg. Just weighed him there myself and he's 9.1kg. I'm really worried. Anyone any experience or could shed light. He seems well in himself. And no worm or anything. Thanks in advance

PurpleHatter Sun 20-Nov-16 21:11:02

What kind of food is he on? Have you tried increasing it at all?

MazzR Sun 20-Nov-16 21:13:54

We are giving him a nut that the vet recommended. I can't actually remember the name. But we are giving him the amount they told us to for his weight and I must admit we've increased it over the last few days but like I say, his weight is dropping still

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