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pansycake Sun 20-Nov-16 15:47:55

I have a small yorkie x shih tzu 14 months old who we are having toilet training issues with.

He can go for days, (I think 8 has been maximum) without an accident & will then pee on the floor. There are no changes in circumstances in the house or weather that causes the accidents - we have been keeping a log of it.

He holds easily overnight, has done since he was a fairly young puppy. He's been fully health checked by the vet too.

He has bells to ring to go out and we also regularly take him outside.

I work so he has 3 hours at home alone before I am back to spend a full hour with him, in this time if I haven't shut him away (when he still has two thirds of the ground floor of the house) he will sometimes have had a wee. If I do shut him away he doesn't, but it is causing him anxiety to do this.

Accidents can happen when we are home and when we are not, always in the same place, but we have been careful to clean it properly, either with bio washing liquid or white vinegar. We were advised by a behaviourist that the enzyme cleaner may be encouraging him to use the same place to pee so we stopped using it.

This is not a new thing, he has always been like this. He also doesn't like the rain so we have put a shelter over part of his toilet area in the garden, which is close to the back door.

Any other ideas? I don't want to drip feed so have tried to add all relevent details. Oh, he is neutered too.

pansycake Sun 20-Nov-16 15:55:05

To add...he gets 'clickered' when he goes in the correctnplace and then a treat. Never told him off or shouted at him for going in the wrong place.

GinIsIn Sun 20-Nov-16 19:42:51

Are you leaving him alone at home all day apart from coming home at lunch? Because that's not great at all for a dog and may well be anxiety. Also shih tzus are notoriously hard to house train.

RaveclawZia13 Sun 20-Nov-16 19:47:35

My shih tzu is two and today alone peed twice inside even though she knows she should go outside. She will go weeks with no accidents but then when you get a little complacent will go. We have to make sure she has a walk with plenty of wees before we go out or do a lot upstairs without her. I think now though until we live in a different house no matter how well we clean she will think of that spot as toilet area too.
Did you use puppy pads as we think that was our big downfall.

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