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Indestructable dog bed suggestions please

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FATEdestiny Tue 15-Nov-16 22:03:29

I need ideas for a sleeping solution for our dog who has a chewing/shredding fetish. I hope she will grow out of it <naive> so it's not forever.

10 month old cocker spaniel. I'm a SHAM so always around, and an experienced dog/puppy owner. However previously we have always done old dog / young dog pairings and this is the first time we've had a pup without an older dog to learn from. I suspect this is relevant.

She chews everything. I have no issue with that - she's a dog, she's young, it's what young dogs do. I give her loads of things she's allowed to chew, paid for things as well as boxes, recycling, tied up old socks etc.

It's not a behaviour issue. It's not an exercise issue. Shes just a dog that likes to chew and shred stuff. Otherwise she's very well trained.

So her bed. Shes in a crate, dpor left open. Until about 7 months old she left her mattress alone. I guess because she was young and at night just slept. During the day she sleeps somewhere near me instead.

Mistake: At about 7 months old we decided to move her from the crate and just use the mattress instead. This was clearly A Very Bad Idea. From the first night she chewed up her mattress. I replaced with a dog blanket/fleece which she shredded the next night. I realised she took a more security from the crate than I realised, put her back in crate and bought a new (cheap) mattresss. Shredded within 24h.

She then had several weeks with just folded up old towels to sleep on because I was annoyed at keep spending money on stuff for her to shred it.

I felt awful that she doesn't have a comfy please to sleep (not allowed on the sofas) so bought her a dog bed for in the living room during the day. She is fine with that, no chewing. But is only ever in it when supervised.

About a month of her sleeping on towels at night I decided to try her with a new mattress, given she's been fine with the living room bed and hadn't been shredding the towel.

I left to fetch the children from school at 3.15 and was home by 3.40. She had lots of entertaining toys and has free access to the garden (dog flap). Lots to occupy her for half an hour. But she'd completely destroyed it by the time I got home.

There must be other dogs out there who love to chew and shred stuff. What do you do for dog beds?

Is there an indestructible bed option that is comfy for her?

miserablemoo Tue 15-Nov-16 22:44:13

Watching with interest! My boy is the same. It drives me mad. Only thing is he won't chew his main night bed but I can only put it down last thing at night and whilst he has his breakfast I have to remove it. I bought him a lovely big fluffy bed not long ago. Dh as a favour let the dog out in the morning and gave him his breakfast for me, but he didn't take his bed out. Yep you guessed it. Half an hour later and he has demolished it. During the day I use towels and blankets but he shreds them all. He has loads of exercise. In and out garden all day. Lots of attention but this is just his "thing" I hope he one day grows out of.

Sorry not much help!

Floralnomad Tue 15-Nov-16 22:51:23

Don't bother just stick to a pile of blankets until she is older and has grown out of it , if you want something a bit thicker for the bottom you could try a memory foam bath mat , they're quite cheap in Dunelm .

AlfieTheRailwayCat Wed 16-Nov-16 03:19:56

Cocker spaniel over here too - also a shredder and he's now 18months. Can sometimes get away with a bed for a while by putting it down last thing and removing first thing. But forgetting, a lie in or just because he fancies it results in shredding. At the moment they have a square piece of carpet that's lasted a while. Could you get an offcut from a carpet store? Have also previously used a doormat just so the floor isn't cold but even they eventually get destroyed.
Not sure of the answer but you are not the only one!

PleaseNotTrump Wed 16-Nov-16 03:55:40

Have you tried vet bed? Our chewer doesn't/can't chew this - and of course you can layer it for comfort.

FATEdestiny Wed 30-Nov-16 22:41:44

I thought I'd update.

Bought vetbed and do far it's lasted 2 weeks!

She had a few goes at the tufts around the edges but nothing major and that was just in the first couple of days when it was a new thing to explore. Since then she's left it alone completely.

DDog had her first season last week and I don't know if that's relevant, but she's suddenly calm down a lot with her chewing.

There is light at the end of the tunnel although not quite enough for me to trust her with a Christmas tree this year grin

willdoitinaminute Thu 01-Dec-16 22:00:27

Interesting about bed destruction leading up to season. Our 10mnth old lab loved her bed and didn't touch it until a couple of weeks ago when she completely destroyed over three days. She spends the morning at home alone 4 days a week and up until the bed chewing has not been overly destructive.In fact she only tends to chew when we are around.
The bed she destroyed was a waterproof zipped bag filled with old pillows so that's off the list. Vetfleece gets perforated and dragged round the house and garden. So I too am also open to suggestions.

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