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A second dog?

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OrlandaFuriosa Mon 14-Nov-16 19:22:01

We have a nervous, territorial, massively affectionate plump male jrt. About once a year he goes on a country holiday to stay with his mum and sister at the farm where he was born, misses us but adores them, comes back louder, fitter, even more territorial. He's 4. He'd really like to sleep on our bed( and does too often eg if the fireworks go on.. and on.. and on..)He doesn't get left very much at all.

Ds and I believe he would benefit from another dog. DH who currently does most of the walking doesn't think he, DH, could cope, at the moment. But if, just if, that changed, what are the things we need to consider?

Obv insurance and vet bills, but how would we make sure he met the perfect or good enough companion? Some if the ones I've lost my heart yo in many tears are miles away, would it be better to be closer and get them used to each other? Should it be male or female? What about same flavour aka jrt, or something else?

Is it a huge pain adding another? We do occasionally like to go out to a concert or so, what about dog sitters, is it much harder to find them? It already a pain finding dog friendly hotels, is it much worse with two?

Should they have separate crates or can they share?

Sorry about such obvious questions, but want to think this through thoroughly..

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