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Neutering an adult dog.

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talksensetome Mon 14-Nov-16 13:57:27

I have recently become the owner of an adult intact male American Bulldog.

I took him for his vaccinations and a health check and the VET recommended having him neutered. I definitely don't intend to breed him so I don't see any reason not to have him done.

He is 2 and a half, does anyone have any experience on neutering an adult dog or any tips in general about neutering and what I need to know. will I need to take time off work?

LilCamper Mon 14-Nov-16 14:28:25

Mine was neutered at nearly 4. He'll be a bit woozy from the anaesthetic on the first day.

He'll feel sorry for himself for a few days.

tabulahrasa Mon 14-Nov-16 15:22:11

It usually goes, dopey and sleepy for that day, a bit feeling sorry for themselves the next day and then, why on earth are you making me rest you mad person for the rest of the time, lol.

Depending on your work hours you might want to take that day off to collect him about mid - late afternoon and then stay in with him, but after that should be fine.

talksensetome Mon 14-Nov-16 16:02:57

I have booked him in for Friday 25th, I finish work at 2 anyway so should be fine to collect him and then have Sat and Sunday with him and my sister will be there Monday.

feeling nervous now my poor pooch!

StandardPoodle Mon 14-Nov-16 18:24:17

Our boy was 15 months when he was neutered. He was a bit sleepy that night, but wolfed the bit of recovery food he was given. He didn't seem to have any discomfort and the main problem was keeping him quiet for a week afterwards!
I think we were far more worried than he was......
All the best OP.

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