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Dog obsessed with new cat

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Blackfellpony Sun 06-Nov-16 07:36:46

Has anyone got any ideas to stop my dogs being utterly obsessed with our new kitten?

They have both lived with cats all their lives. The last two we have had for years and they didn't really bother with them except using them as pillows and stealing leftover cat food! We had one before that who they didn't even look at once.

One of our cats was sadly killed around 3 weeks ago and we got a new kitten from the RSPCA as our remaining cat was lonely sad

The dogs have become utterly obsessed with the kitten. They have not tried to hurt him at all but are desperate to look at and play with the kitten and it's getting on my nerves. The kitten is oblivious and is just running around playing but occasionally hisses at the dogs if they get too much but they are on edge watching the kittens every move! Obviously I am supervising constantly but the kitten is just too much fun not to obsess over.

So far I am asking them to settle or lie down and rewarding for that but as soon as the kitten runs they almost die of excitement hmm

Like I say they aren't trying to hurt it and the kitten dosent care but it's so annoying, how can I make the kitten boring!?

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