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We have a match!

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GreenieGables Tue 25-Oct-16 20:18:15

Or possibly two!

I posted 3/4 weeks ago about finding a breeder for a puppy, but then some very lovely ladies guided me in the direction of greyhounds and I fell in love.

But we have a cat, I think I have spoken to every place within a decent radius, some have been more helpful than others.

Yesterday I spoke to a lovely lady and we're going to view two on Friday. Chances are we will take one and I'm so excited I'm giving myself a headache hmm.

So, what do I need? They're both female so neither will be massive. We're going to get a crate, do you think an XL will be the right size? She will come with muzzle, collar and lead so no need to buy them.

What about food bowls? Which are best? Beds? Which are the comfiest? Do I need a kong type toy? I'm not sure on her diet yet, but if it's kibble which is the best to go for? I'd prefer raw but I'll carry on with whatever she's on now and suits her.

Eek, one very excited household here smile

GreenieGables Tue 25-Oct-16 20:19:37

Oh and insurance, she comes with 4 weeks worth with PetPlan, but will probably go elsewhere after that. Are Argos any good? What are the recommendations please?

FATEdestiny Tue 25-Oct-16 23:07:35

Slow down.

You've not viewed yet. when viewing a litter you really have to lose the "awww look at the cute ickle puppies" attitude. You should be checking out the breeder, accomidation and health first and foremost. The puppies in every litter will be cute. This isnt in itself a reason to be excited.

You are planning on first viewing and taking home all in one visit? That's a bit hmm

candybeek Wed 26-Oct-16 06:36:39

So excited for you Green and happy to hear you are rescuing an older dog! I did the same and it's so rewarding!

Like you mine car with 4 weeks free insurance with petplan but I've gone to a company called pet insurance now as they were much cheaper for a decent level of cover. If you go on a compare website it will bring you loads of prices back, I'd go for the 'lifetime' option instead of time limited.

I'd get a double bowl on a stand so they are bending down too much when eating & drinking. There are some gorgeous ones on eBay made of wood.

Get same food as she's on now then you can gradually change if you want to but introduce it steadily.
Get some little treats, Millie's wolfheart are great.

A lovely soft bed & loads of cuddles & love - you are just about sorted!

Good luck!

GreenieGables Wed 26-Oct-16 07:02:10

Thanks candy, glad someone can appreciate my excitement. I'll go to a compare website, I didn't think of that! Can you get Millie's Wolfheart in the shops or only online do you know? I've seen it crop up on here a few times.

FATE I don't think you've read my thread properly. We're not getting a puppy, so get lost with the hmm face. We're possibly rescuing a 4 year old ex racer who we have been matched with through the RGT, who know I have a letter of recommendation from my vet (who I've known for 30 years through owning various animals). We'll also be having a home check done, so you've taken 'I'll take one' too literally. I will reserve it awaiting a home check and the collect it at a later date.

Sparklywine Wed 26-Oct-16 07:32:22

Well said Greenie and fantastic news, it IS exciting! I love how the "But why not rescue an older greyhound contingent" are on you even though you are, listen carefully everyone, rescuing an older greyhound! grin

Secretspillernamechange Wed 26-Oct-16 07:42:51

Good luck OP.

Argos insurance is decent, I've got their highest cover for both my dogs and the cat and have made a few claims with no issues.

I'm no greyhound expert but what about coats? I see quite a few round us wearing jackets in the winter.

Costacoffeeplease Wed 26-Oct-16 07:43:26

Great news. I haven't had a greyhound although friends have had 3 ex racers and they were all the loveliest, calmest, gentlest giants - the way they just give you a gentle nudge when they want you to stroke themsmile

Hope it all works out really well for you

Costacoffeeplease Wed 26-Oct-16 07:44:26

Yes to coats, our friends dogs had several!

candybeek Wed 26-Oct-16 07:48:16

Well said Green smile

I always buy Millie's wolfheart online, not sure where sells it but you can get small samples for £3 delivered to see if your dog likes it first so you don't have to shell out loads.

FATEdestiny Wed 26-Oct-16 07:52:43

I've read it 3 times now and cannot see the older dog rescue anywhere at all in your op. Just the "finding a breeder for a puppy". I assume you had a previous thread before? I didn't read that or know that. Given I read your ok 'cold' without prior knowledge, I consider my reply measured and reasonable.

The hmm face wasn't personal. If you thought someone was planning on first viewing a litter and taking home with a puppy (possibly two) all in one visit -wouldn't you think that a bit hmm GreenieGables?

"so get lost" - yeah. Cheers.

Now that you have mentioned that the dogs you are going to look at dripfeed are older resues, that very much changes things. Very exciting for you! smile

I don't know anything about greyhounds (mine are spaniels) so I can't help with specifics. We bought a dog mattress for in the crate,rather than a dog may. It's super comfy!

GreenieGables Wed 26-Oct-16 08:16:24

The Argos website keeps freezing every time I go on it which is annoying. I'll have to go on my laptop and try later. It seems a bit confusing but I'm guessing lifetime cover is the highest cover so it's best to go with that, thanks. On the compare website they're about £30ish a month, does that sounds about right?

And yes, coats! I've found a few fleecy ones for overnight in the winter and some waterproof ones for walks. I'm sure I'll start a collection.

FATE yes I did have a previous thread where I asked for breed/breeder recommendations but was swayed into looking at ex racer greygrounds. I didn't drip feed, I just didn't think to put that the greyhound would be an ex racer not a puppy. And the 'we've got a match' can be pretty telling I think when it comes to adoption. I said get lost with the hmm face... it wasn't personal wink.

Thanks candy, I'll look at getting a sample delivered.

Thanks all

candybeek Wed 26-Oct-16 08:22:18

Mine is only £16 a month but it's a pretty basic insurance. Petplan quoted £45pm! £30 sounds about right depending on level of cover.

GreenieGables Wed 26-Oct-16 08:38:00

I'd be much happier paying less, obviously, but I'd be scared that something would happen and I'd be left with an extortionate vet bill. Yes I looked at Pet Plan too and that was about £45, I was shocked!

tabulahrasa Wed 26-Oct-16 09:53:58

Is XL 42"? If so then yes, I reckon that's the right size.

tabulahrasa Wed 26-Oct-16 10:00:56

The difference with petplan btw is that they don't put premiums up when you claim...I went with an initially cheaper company and I now pay £120 a month

luckylambchop Wed 26-Oct-16 10:58:58

Really excited for you!!! We are (well, were) in an identical position. Really want a greyhound but have a cat, and 8 year old and 3 chickens so struggling to find a suitable one! Even when a cat workable one comes along it seems to need other dogs. And I hear you on some rescues being more helpful than others!

Anyway will you keep us posted on how you get on with the cat intros? As hopefully we'll be doing the same at some point. And don't forget the pictures please!

Good luck with the meetings smile

Scuttlebutter Wed 26-Oct-16 17:30:35

Welcome to the greyhound cult.... grin

Make sure your hound has the appropriate collar - it should be either a wide leather fishtail greyhound collar or a beautiful, well made martingale. I personally recommend Meggie Moo collars, as they are beautifully made and use stunning fabrics, but more importantly both the collars and the components are safety tested in a lab - massively important and not something all collar companies do. We've been caught out in the past by collars that look pretty but have inferior hardware or stitching and for sighthounds, it really is a safety issue. Meggie Moo also do matching leads - just make sure you don't use an extending lead - lethal for sighthounds.

Ours are currently insured with Direct Line but we are a multi hound household with oldies so it's worth shopping around.

For younger hounds it isn't too important to think about raised bowls for feeding - very much a matter of personal preference. It used to be said that it was good for preventing bloat but this theory has now been disproven. What is helpful is to split food into two or more meals per day, and make sure they exercise before food rather than after (this is a proven issue around bloat).

Food - ours are on Fish4Dogs but Millie's Wolfheart is great - it's simply about finding what suits your dog best.

You will probably be advised to walk your hound in a muzzle at least to start with. This is sensible advice. Most greys are used to wearing them and don't mind in the least - your rescue will be able to supply them.

A grooming brush for regular brushing - something like the Kong Zoom Groom is lovely. Ours adore being brushed - it will help shift the "kennel coat" and then the lovely shine will come through.

Coats - I'd recommend as a minimum that you consider a fleece housecoat and a waterproof coat for walks. As I run a coat company I can't really say anymore as my post will be removed for advertising. You will inevitably find though that your hound ends up with a beautiful assortment of coats and collars and is by far the best dressed member of the family.

Vets - find a local vet once you have hound, and get him/her to have an initial appointment for getting the chip on their system, to discuss worming/flea/tick/vax programme and generally have a once over. Get them weighed - usually a pet grey will be a few kilos heavier than a racing weight.

Post adoption - I'd recommend joining the Secure Fields page on FB - finding your nearest local secure field and using it in the early stages for off lead safe zoomies and for practising recall. Many rescues actually have their own paddocks etc that you can borrow/hire. Many also run regular sighthound playdates where a gang of pointies can run off lead in an environment such as an indoor riding school. In fact, there is a flourishing and very wonderful social network around greyhounds with an array of walks, parties, BBQs, quizzes, shows etc to take part in. You will also find that other grey owners will never walk by - they will always stop for a chat.

On a serious note, the minute you get hound home, take some decent pics and write a description and upload it to DogsLost website. The immediate period after adoption is when dogs are most vulnerable to getting lost - combination of factors including new owners forgetting to close gates/doors and dog not knowing new area around home or being nervous. By preloading, if your dog should ever go missing, you can activate their page very quickly and have an army of volunteers out looking and putting up posters in minutes.

I would also add vet and local Dog Warden numbers into your phone.

Once hound is settled, do consider a basic training class - more and more pointies do them and they really enjoy the training and it will help to strengthen the bond between you.

Good luck!

And lastly, I had absolutely no difficulty in understanding your original post - certainly no dripfeeding!

GreenieGables Wed 26-Oct-16 19:20:49

Thank you all so much, I feel like a kid in a sweet shop grin.

Yes I think XL is 42", we actually went and got a L today, it's huge and takes up a lot of our living room, unfortunately we don't have a nice corner to hide it in!

I'll definitely keep you posted. Good luck lambchop, hopefully it won't be too much longer until you have a match. I'm surprised at how quickly ours came. A lady in our local RGT was very helpful and recommended I contact the head office and say what we were looking for and how far we were willing to travel. We're going 70 miles on Friday, which I think is manageable.

Thanks scuttle, I've read and taken in all your brilliant info, thank you I really appreciate it. The lady we are seeing on Friday just called me again and we had a casual half hour chat on the phone. She was the loveliest lady I have ever spoken to, bless her. She did actually recommend an individual to contact with regards to coats... wondering if it's you?! They do provide collars, leads and a muzzle and whilst I'm guessing they will be suitable they may not be the prettiest! I'll wait until we have her to see what would style would suit her whilst we're out walking, and then look at replacing the one we are given.

She also recommended Wainwrights, which I think is cheaper than Millie's? Also easier to get hold of as they sell it in Pets at Home.

Thank you for all the info flowers

GreenieGables Wed 26-Oct-16 19:25:00

I'll have a look on the secure fields page, what a good idea.

My friend owns a farm just down the road and she has an enclosed field or two that she said I can use to let her have a good run about. Will be good for ours on the social side as they have 5 dogs of various breeds and sizes. All of my friends have dogs and I've always been dogless on our weekly walks in the woods, now I can join in properly grin

Scuttlebutter Wed 26-Oct-16 22:49:58

Just bear in mind that when an ex racer really gets going they can hit speeds of approx 40 mph - many other dogs find it quite intimidating (which is part of the reason why there are sighthound specific playgroups etc.). It's also one of the most magnificent sights you will ever see - it still takes my breath away and makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up to see them running at full speed. However, lots of greys have friends they can play with from other breeds - they just won't be as quick!
What little lurcher does is to cut the corners and actually go UNDER the greys - the look on their face was priceless when they realised their little sister had just nipped inside them and was keeping up. grin

I'd also be cautious in the field - make sure the fence/hedge is really secure before you go off lead especially if there is livestock anywhere nearby.

This is so exciting!! I'd love to know which branch (feel free to PM me if you feel like), and don't hesitate to ask any more questions.

tabulahrasa Wed 26-Oct-16 23:13:04

"it's huge and takes up a lot of our living room"

Yeah... I have an's way too big, my dog's not even as tall as a greyhound, God knows what I was thinking, lol.

GreenieGables Thu 27-Oct-16 07:41:48

Ah yes scuttle, I was going to take her a few times on the lead and muzzled first to get to know them all before letting her loose. I already feel a bit cautious about doing so, I panic when dogs don't recall (and they're not even mine!) so I need to be 100% confident myself first.

Her farm is pretty well sectioned, they have livestock but I've never actually seen them, they have a vast amount of land and they're kept down the bottom, up the top is where the horses are in fenced fields that are secure, I'll double check though.

I'm keen to find a proper sighthound group though, I'll get searching!

I'll message you with the location.

Tabulah, I think a nice cover may be in order for my crate! It's truly an ugly looking thing. I didn't expect it to be so... large! We were even considering downsizing to medium, but we're going to get her here first and see how she fits the large. I don't want her to be cramped, but would still like my living room!!

CMOTDibbler Thu 27-Oct-16 14:09:27

Congratulations! I have two lurchers, and they are fabulous dogs. I buy my dogs coats from Scuttles company, Milgi coats, and they are really lovely - ddog1 has fleeces (the latest is teal and chocolate), waterproofs, and a new quilted coat.
The collars from MeggieMoo are the best, and I love her fleece leads, though I recently bought one from Dogs on Bikes which I'm pleased with.

Our crate is XL and usually has a fleece blanket draped over it. Its ugly, but stops evilgingercat letting the dogs upstairs in the night

GreenieGables Sat 29-Oct-16 05:06:23

She's here! A 3 year old female, who isn't who we originally went to see but we walked 4 and she was just the sweetest thing. She's settled in already and I think is going to be just fine smile

She's been asleep without a peep since 10pm, long may it continue grin

But I'm wide awake as my cat hasn't come home for a few days and I'm worried sick about him. I really hope he comes home soon so we can introduce them. This little lady is getting rather content but she's yet to know she'll be sharing her space with a feline friend!

Can I have some advice about her skin please? It was very noticeable that her coat wasn't as in a good condition compared to the others, she's very fine on the inside of her legs and all underneath. Her tail also has what looks like could have been a sore/scab or something. We don't know. We actually think it's her food as it looks like she was fed poor quality kibble. I ordered some Millie's and I'm slowly introducing it today. Could it be the food do you think? All of the dogs poo was noticeablely runny at the kennels.

I'm taking her to the vet next week for a once over, DH thinks she may have fleas too, there's no history of her being flead or wormed confused

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