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Have I taken on too much with a second dog?

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hanban89 Tue 25-Oct-16 15:37:23

we adopted a rescue podenco from Spain in February. Overall he is a great dog. He is very anxious of strangers and it takes a long time to gain his trust, but he is fine with us and amazing with the kids. Loves them to bits. He also adores other dogs and is very playful. Our routine just now is walk with him taking my 20 month old along. Through fields etc as he pulls like a steam train as he is scared of the lead. We also put him into daycare one day a week when I work.
We decided to get another as he adores doggy company so much. We have had her only a few days and I am not enjoying it at all and feel terrible about it. We were told she loves people, dogs and is calm. She is calm, and she loves people, but so far has not taken to my other dog. She has snapped a few times at him especially when it comes to guarding food, chews, toys and space. Now he doesn't really look her in the eye and it's like he is walking on eggshells around her. I thought I would be able to take him out of day care as they would have each other for company, but I'm scared to leave the two of them together, and can't afford to put them both in. It is also soooo hard to walk them as I sometimes have to carry the toddler and have her on lead. I had a vision of them playing and running around together which is just not the case at all. I feel so guilty and am scared she might not be right for us and we are not right for her. She is currently at work with me and whining really bad while the other is back at daycare. She also seems to be really bad separation anxiety but it might just be settling in. I feel on edge and have cried at the end of the day since we got her. I don't know what to do. Please any advice welcome.

EasyToEatTiger Wed 26-Oct-16 17:45:37

You have a new member of the family! When we first brought our second dog home, I spent about the first 6 months wondering what on earth I had done. Can you look after the dogs separately? In the first instance, it is much better if you can take them out separately for training to get the new one focussed on you and not other things. Separation anxiety is quite treatable and not unusual. With all our dogs, it has taken a while before we let any of them off the lead. One of our horrors has knocked me over more than once, pulled me over, ripped rope burns into my leg, jumped out of bedroom window to get out. Sometimes a dog with problems is quite simply an ongoing project. It is wonderful to watch a dog gain confidence and change. Then you have to deal with the issues the new found confidence brings. Your toddler will grow! As long as you absolutely keep your child safe, so things like following the dog around or pulling tails/ears etc are an absolute no-no.

Until you are able to take both dogs out together, (it shouldn't take long), it is important to make sure both animals have a safe place each. Your original dog has probably had his life tipped upside down too. You all have. It will get easier. Do you have a good trainer and a good vet for support?

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