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13 week old puppy not eating or drinking.

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NickiFury Tue 25-Oct-16 08:45:26

He went on a long journey over the weekend - family emergency so no choice. Then he had his second round of vaccinations yesterday. He's joy drunk water since 8 pm last night and no good since then either. He just ate a treat that I gave him but that's it. I'm worried. At what point should I take him to the vet? Google tells me that he is likely to be disrupted after vaccinations and travelling but I am still worried. He's a bit subdued too 😕

Any thoughts please?

NickiFury Tue 25-Oct-16 08:46:01

That should be "not" and "food" obviously.

Whitney168 Tue 25-Oct-16 08:47:39

How is he in himself? Subdued or normal?

Either way, I would take him for check-up sooner rather than later - puppies can go downhill very quickly, so rather a wasted vet fee than a very sick puppy.

stonecircle Tue 25-Oct-16 08:53:14

Nicki - I would probably take to the vet too.

For future reference, did you know that if you become a member of the Dog's Trust (£25 a year) they give you access to 24 hour vet advice on the phone. And also public liability insurance (good to have if you don't have pet insurance).

NickiFury Tue 25-Oct-16 09:01:18

He's a bit subdued, not massively so. He's just eaten another biscuit/snack and was as keen as usual for that. Just not going near his dishes. I will give it an hour and see if he drinks, then take him if he doesn't.

NickiFury Tue 25-Oct-16 13:42:03

Ok, he's eaten and drunk. Phew!!!!

Like babies aren't they? So worrying.

2kids2dogsnosense Tue 25-Oct-16 13:43:25

Like babies aren't they? So worrying

Tell me about it!

Now you will be hovering until he's had a wee and a poo - then you can relax grin

NickiFury Tue 25-Oct-16 14:11:05

grin we all sat motionless like statues in case anything distracted him as he approached his bowl.

Feel ridiculously cheered up now.

stonecircle Tue 25-Oct-16 18:17:49

I've been known to sit on the floor and hand feed poached chicken and boiled rice to a dog off its food. Usually does the trick!

StandardPoodle Wed 26-Oct-16 16:50:46

stonecircle - me too!

madein1995 Fri 28-Oct-16 23:03:38

If it happens again and lasts longer than a day, take to the vet. What we found helped was putting water in a mug or a jug and giving to pup - she lapped it up, thinking it was 'our' drink bless her. I have been known to dip my hand in water and wet her nose, mouth and beard a few times so she'd tempted to lick off the water and at least getting something in her. Have also laid on the floor with dog biscuits in hand and let her eat them out of my hand. They really are like babies!

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