Previous owner wants dog back 😮

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LochJessMonster Mon 10-Feb-20 16:30:53

What were the circumstance of you rehoming her?

Tbh if you can prove you have been looking after the dog for the last year (microchip, vets records etc) then its unlikely he'll get her back.

Dreamersandwishers Sun 09-Feb-20 19:10:08

I am assuming he had to sign paperwork to allow you to change microchip? I would say the dog is yours, tell him to get lost.

Ace59 Sun 09-Feb-20 14:19:45

I rehomed a dog last year now the previouse owner is thretening to take her aeay fron me. Is he able to, i've changed her nicro chip to me, when can i say she's mine, so worried i'll lose her

Blink1982 Thu 27-Oct-16 18:33:16

So he turned up yesterday saying his wife had been crying ever since the dog left. Mum handed him back and made him cough up for grooming. She's promised me she'll go to a rescue centre next time! Rspca unsurprisingly didn't want to know, they said he was being mistreated.

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missyB1 Tue 25-Oct-16 07:51:57

If he wanted dog care for the weekend then he has to pay the going rate,your mum is not a free boarding kennels. I would report this guy to animal welfare as it's actually cruel behaviour to the dog and doesn't sound as though he takes great care of it anyway.

Blackfellpony Tue 25-Oct-16 07:41:11

I would send him an invoice for home boarding, food, vet check and grooming and see if that encourages him to sign the dog over.

Blink1982 Mon 24-Oct-16 23:24:56

Thank you. I'll go have a look!

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TrionicLettuce Mon 24-Oct-16 23:15:30

I'd recommend contacting Trevor Cooper at DogLaw. Ownership disputes are one of the areas of dog related law he can help with.

Blink1982 Mon 24-Oct-16 22:59:21

So... he gave his dog to my mums friend in may, and then said that his grandkids missed it so he wanted the dog back a week later. A month ago he then told my mum he didn't want it, cos he's moving to a new house with barely any garden. Mum told him that if she took him, he couldn't change his mind like he did in may cos it's unfair.

The dog was collected from his home last tues... overweight 1 year old pup, well the man said he was one last month... vet said hes not one til Nov. Mum had him groomed yesterday because he was stinking and needed it basically.

He gave all the jab and vet paperwork to my mum. Mum took the dog to her vet last week and the vet said they can't do any checks until they receive a signed thing to say he has transferred ownership. The vet called him but he is not calling back.

He told a mutual friend of my mums today that he is refusing to sign the papers because he only wanted mum to watch the dog for a weekend.

He's now saying he wants the dog back again, because he just wanted my mum to look after it for the weekend?!? He hasn't actually contacted my mum to let her know this. I'm more than happy to pop round and give him a polite (with bitch undertones) talking to.

Do you think he's just trying to avoid kennel fees for when he goes on his jollies?

Where does my poor mum stand ladies?

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