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Does anyone else's dog know when they're poorly?

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PlayOnWurtz Mon 24-Oct-16 18:30:56

My dog hasn't been with us long, they're a rescue, but while she's normally quite aloof when I've got a migraine or I'm otherwise poorly she likes to sit with (or rather on) me almost in a "don't worry I'll look after you human" kind of way. Which is sweet but incredibly annoying at the same time depending on why im feeling poorly. Anyone else got a dog like this? Are all dogs like this?

ChairRider4 Mon 24-Oct-16 21:01:41

My boy does if my youngest not well my dog will lay on sofa near him so some part of him touching my DS almost reassurance

If I'm not well he does same to me and is less bouncy than normal

Zadocthepriest Mon 24-Oct-16 21:28:04 dog knows that I am not well at the moment ...and shows it by winding me up. He steals anything that will get a reaction, especially biros, coasters and paperback books. Then sits and scrunches them until I am forced to pay him some attention.

StandardPoodle Tue 01-Nov-16 18:49:55

Absolutely yes! When DH was on chemotherapy and hardly able to get out of bed, the old poodle used to jump on the bed and lie beside him, gently licking DH's nose (the joys of dogs!). Rescue girl would lie on the floor at the side of his bed. Both left him only for walks/feeding.

pigsDOfly Tue 01-Nov-16 19:07:22

What lovely dogs most of you have. It's been quite a while, thankfully, since I've had anything that's made me feel under the weather but my girl, bless her heart, is like Zadoc's dog.

In the past, if I've been unwell, I swear she would decide that it was a good opportunity to take advantage and just been as mean to me as possible: ignoring instructions, doing her own thing and generally winding me up.

The funny thing is, she's normally such a good dog. I used to wonder if my not being well made her feel insecure and therefore made her play me up.

She might be different now she's a bit older, though as I say, it's been some times since I've been unwell so don't know, hopefully it'll stay that way.

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