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Dog barking at others in pub

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hillyhilly Mon 24-Oct-16 17:49:06

We're on our first holiday with the dog (15m). He is very friendly to other dogs, especially when off the lead, he wants to chase and play and leaves if they give not interested or not impressed signals. On the Lead however, he can be a bit barky.
We're on holiday in Wales and as well as fab beaches, there's loads of dog friendly pubs which we'd love to go to but when we tried for lunch today he kept barking at the other dogs. I tried distracting him with treats but that only works so much and we ended up having to take turns to be outside with him while the other ate their lunch.
We'll keep trying and building it up from a quick drink but it would be great to be able to take him, especially as we can't leave him (he cries) behind.

SleightOfMind Mon 24-Oct-16 17:54:21

Try making sure he's absolutely exhausted and a bit hungry before you take him. That way, treats will work better and he won't be so excited. Perhaps you could eat at slightly off peak times so pub is less busy too.
Wrap up warm and lots of attention when he's quiet, but straight out calmly and very boringly as soon as he gets noisy.
He'll get the hang of it soon!

hillyhilly Mon 24-Oct-16 18:04:29

Thanks, to be fair, he was doing fairly well today in a busy environment until a beagle came and sat at the table next to us - even that went ok once introduced them but then just as he lay down the beagle started to growl at him.

Darklane Mon 24-Oct-16 19:15:43

That's what will have set him off then, the Beagle growling. One of mine is lovely & quiet till some other dog decides to swear at her, then she'll curse & swear back longer & louder hmm!
We try to find a corner where I can tuck them away from all the comings & goings.
Can I ask, whereabouts in Wales you've found lots of dog friendly pubs?
We've never managed to find many in Wales, one of the reasons we mostly go to Scotland.

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