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Durable car seat cover

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wishiwasacollie Sun 23-Oct-16 16:32:18

Ok its winter now and DD...collie....needs a new car seat cover. The last one disintegrated and was only a year old. I put vetbed on top for comfort and added waterproofness and to catch the mud.
Any recommendations?

IgrainePendragon Sun 23-Oct-16 21:48:34

I have a Danish Design waterproof car seat cover (sorry can't link but easily found on Google). It's lasted eight years so far and will probably outlive the car. Our collie finds it slightly slippery now he's getting older but with something on top it is fine.
Can be whisked off instantly leaving a completely hair-free seat if a human needs to sit there.

takesnoprisoners Mon 24-Oct-16 09:45:21

I bought one at Lidl and it has survived 2 years of abuse from my Lab.

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