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Pet insurance - so confused

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RonSwansonsBestFriend Sun 16-Oct-16 10:51:52

My cover has gone up £15 per month with current provider. (Dog is only 3, no problems so far and standard breed)

I'm looking for lifetime cover but it's all so confusing!

Any recommendations for a reliable provider? They vary so much in price, id like to know who has used their insurance and found them good to work with?


WeAllHaveWings Sun 16-Oct-16 11:26:47

Labrador(3), £34/month, Pet plan £7k lifetime cover.

Have claimed twice (~£600 per claim) with no problems, they paid vet directly.

Pet insurance is not cheap and does increase as the dog ages and the risk of claims gets higher, I expect it will be £80-£100/month when ddog gets older.

RonSwansonsBestFriend Sun 16-Oct-16 12:33:19

Thanks for the reply. I guess I wasn't prepared for the age increase?

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Sun 16-Oct-16 13:49:09

My PetPlan policy was £30 a month for the first year. When he reached a year old it jumped to £35 a month. Perfectly healthy pedigree dog, no claims or illnesses at all. It's a bloody rip off is what it is but you daren't be without it.

Brenna24 Wed 19-Oct-16 02:31:34

DDog (Border collie) is currently £51 per month. He is 13 years and 9 months old now though. His premiums have gone up over the years but steadily about £3 per year over 9 years. We are with PetPlan and are covered for life. It has been worth every penny. There have been no huge hikes over the years. We are now claiming about £200 per month worth of medications for him, up from about £120 2.5 years ago and about £50 per month for the year before than. On top of which I had 3 operations over the course of the 6 years before that, 2 accidents and 1 wart removed from the edge of his eyelid. They have paid out without querying anything ever. I have got back almost as much as I have paid in now. Plus I have the relief of being able to decide on medication increases solely on his quality of life and nothing to do with how much it costs. I would definitely recommend petplan.

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