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Anyone know of any charities which help with treatment?

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Ledkr Sat 15-Oct-16 18:18:16

A client has a dog that needs surgery for a broken leg. They have no insurance (I know) and have already got into debt to make the much loved pet comfortable but he needs an operation which will cost around two grands shock
The poor dog is under a year old.
They are literally selling everything they own but I wondered if anyone can advise me of any charities that will help in this instance.

Ledkr Sat 15-Oct-16 18:18:58

Sorry. They have a low income, one child and they receive tax credits.

paddypants13 Sat 15-Oct-16 18:23:15

Try Blue Cross and PDSA.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. x

Floralnomad Sat 15-Oct-16 18:25:15

Do they qualify for PDSA treatment ? Can they not just arrange a payment plan or maybe a 0% credit card .

Ledkr Sat 15-Oct-16 18:28:08

Oh great idea. Thank you x

AnotherEmma Sat 15-Oct-16 18:30:28

Hope they can get help from PDSA.
Since they are on a low income and already in debt, they may also benefit from talking to Citizens Advice, so that could be worth mentioning if you think it would be appropriate.

ayeokthen Sat 15-Oct-16 18:33:13

PDSA can help if they're in receipt of housing/council tax benefit.

Ledkr Sat 15-Oct-16 18:35:30

What lovely kind people you are. I was expecting a few judgey posts about them not having insurance (which of course they should have)
I'm on holiday at the moment but passing in all your ideas.

Hoppinggreen Sat 15-Oct-16 18:36:54

If PDSA will help ( think it's dependent on receiving certain benefits) I think they will need to take the animal to their vet, they don't pay for treatment at another vet around here but do have their own vet centre

tabulahrasa Sat 15-Oct-16 18:53:45

The other option they have is to set up a deferred payment plan with their vet, some vets will quite happily do that.

Wolfiefan Sat 15-Oct-16 18:56:04

If it's a pedigree maybe a breed group could help too.
Some vets also do payment plans.
Poor doggy. Hope they can get the funds sorted. Must be so stressful.

Blackfellpony Sat 15-Oct-16 20:30:13

PDSA as everyone has said before will usually help.

If not some vets will do payment plans and some will treat the animal if it is signed over for rehoming if it came to that or no treatment at all sad

I know it may sound harsh but having worked in a vets for a long time I've seen many people opt for amputation as it's far cheaper than a fracture repair, especially once aftercare/post op X-rays etc are factored in.

MitchellMummy Sun 16-Oct-16 08:41:55

Ditto the charities. Some people I know on Facebook set up accounts for people to donate. There is one family with four dogs who have very little money. Although I disagreed with them getting the fourth when they were already in debt I couldn't help but give a donation for painkillers when the oldest dog needed them.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Sun 16-Oct-16 12:52:29


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