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Post puppy depression?!!

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missyB1 Wed 12-Oct-16 18:45:15

So we have a miniature Schnauzer puppy called Pippa, she's nearly 14 weeks old. I'm finding it all really stressful and struggling to enjoy her. It's not the walks (although bumping into other dogs and people I'm always so embarrassed about how manic she goes). It's her behaviour that's getting me down, jumping up and nipping (I'm trying to teach her bite inhibition), yapping / barking,. And the sheer relentless hard work day after day, it doesn't feel like fun it just feels relentless. My whole day revolves around her.

I've had a stressful year (recovering from breast cancer), and my husband thought getting a puppy would be a good distraction for me. To be fair we had talked about getting a dog for a few years and had always known what breed we wanted. I think I just need reassurance that it will get easier and that she will settle down and calm down.

I think this probably wasn't the best time to do this on reflection (my anxiety / stress levels are not good), but I know I just need to get on with it now and make the best of it. Sorry just needed to tell someone.

nikiw99 Wed 12-Oct-16 18:55:13

I have two 6 month old golden retriever puppies and I feel same. They have been hell to housetrain and they get so excited when they see another person/dog! I am assured that this is normal puppy behaviour and it will get better but that they also need training as well. Don't give up! They drive me nuts but I love my boys!!

missyB1 Wed 12-Oct-16 18:58:30

I'm glad it's not just me niki! Doesn't help that DH has just come in and totally wound her up so she's bouncing off the walls now sigh......

Hoppinggreen Wed 12-Oct-16 19:35:42

My dpup is 11 months and I haven't cried for a while now!!
I love him but it's been bloody hard and still is at times.

pigsDOfly Wed 12-Oct-16 20:09:51

Don't be embarrassed about her mad puppy behaviour around other dog owners OP. Anyone who has had a puppy will know this normal. I love watching puppies, being puppies.

Having a puppy isn't easy, it's like having an over active toddler that bites, doesn't wear a nappy and just wants to play rough games all the time. Oh and yaps.

Find yourself a good training class, one that teaches positive reinforcement, to go to with her, it'll help you to learn how to train her. Something I found of enormous help when my dog was a puppy.

It will get easier, but meanwhile you will feel as if you've bitten off more than you can chew from time to time, you will probably cry a few tears as well but you will also find much to laugh about.

And one day, you'll suddenly realise you have a well trained companion and walking with her will be some of your best times.

Keep posting on here, there's lots of people who know a lot about dogs and can give you some excellent advice. And when you want to vent this is the place to come.

Good luck.

missyB1 Wed 12-Oct-16 23:09:25

Thank you pigs, I've just got back from a night out and puppy came to greet me at the door and my heart melted. She really is very loving despite being such hard work!

I do have a great trainer who comes to our house once a week, but o need to find a class where she's with other puppies too.

phillipp Thu 13-Oct-16 06:41:07

Having a puppy is hard. But your puppy is displaying entirely normal puppy behaviour.

Socialising will help her excitement around dogs. Put dpup is almost 7 months old and is loads better.

Again with the biting, it just takes time and training. She is only 14 weeks. Your trainer will help but it can take a while.

But I totally get puppy depression. Most of us have felt like that.

MothershipG Thu 13-Oct-16 07:35:47

I have a Mini Schnauzer who was just like yours when she was a puppy, my youngest DD was only 4 at the time and I had moments when I wondered what I had done introducing this mini land shark into our family!

Things that helped us:-
A crate, this was a life saver, I made it comfy and cosy and it usually featured a stuffed Kong. I only need to get it out for fireworks now as it's her safe space and she'll try and get in it before it's even up.

Raggy toys, to be able to play but keep those little needle teeth at a safe distance.

Husband training, this was the hardest! We had rules about stopping any games that were making her too manic, DH found these hard to stick to! hmm

Puppy classes, she loved other dogs so much it was really hard to get her to focus on me when other dogs were present. It took a while but the classes really helped with this.

Liver treats, she is food motivated so lots of training games involving rewards. She still doesn't work for free grin

Having a puppy can be challenging but before you know it you'll be looking back and thinking how quickly she grew up - honest! gringringrin

missyB1 Thu 13-Oct-16 09:09:27

Oh gosh mothership it sounds like you know exactly what I'm talking about! Yes husband training- that is such an issue! He doesn't believe me that biting games are a bad idea, I'm really going to have to hammer it home to him.

She has a playpen instead of a crate but she just sleeps in there really, I would like her to go in it a bit more often, I need to get a kong and work out what to put in it.

Yes other dogs excite her so much that cannot focus on anything else at all, she completely zones out!

Airfixkitwidow Thu 13-Oct-16 13:53:19

I have an 18 week old leonberger. She's a giant breed which means she is already the size of a small pony. I have had so many days when I thought I couldn't cope but then she leans on me and licks my ear and I forgive her. But the walking is a nightmare. She is absolutely non aggressive and still a puppy so wants to play. Almost all other dogs and owners look on in horror as we draw near with this enormous dog who is panting with excitement at the thought of meeting new friends. So we've found a quite place in the woods to walk and we go there every day. We meet the same people and dogs who know her and are happy for us to let her play with their dogs. Slowly things are improving. But it is slow. So keep going as it gets better and will one day be fun. I second some training classes but they are not the total solution. My leo has just passed her kennel club bronze but doesn't seem noticeably better behaved a lot of the time. And now I must go as she's eating an empty yoghurt pot in the garden.

Hoppinggreen Fri 14-Oct-16 14:47:27

Yes airfix my 10 month old Goldie puppy generally gets looks of horror as he tried to play " let's roll on each others heads" with smaller dogs.
He seems to specialise in flattening cockapoos .
I keep him away from other dogs as much as possible, although he does have a couple of similar sized friends he's allowed to play with.
We are working with a trainer to make him understand that not every complete stranger ( dog or human) loves him as much as he loves them.

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