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Why are there still so many dogs without microchip/not updated.

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phillipp Sat 08-Oct-16 06:10:18


Just an early morning pondering. I got a puppy this year, every website or piece of advice I read clearly stated that the breeder MUST have the puppies microchipped.

I am a member of a few lost dog Facebook pages and several times a week a dog is reported missing that either hasn't been microchipped or the owner says they are but they didn't update the details.

In the last 2 weeks 4 people have reported their new puppies (all above 10 weeks and living with their new family) as stolen but saying they don't have a microchip and seem completely unaware the breeder should have done it. A few have reported adult dogs missing and say they never got round to microchipping.

Most of the dogs that people have found and trying to trace the owner say that the microchip has been checked but it's not up to date.

Is microchipping a legal requirement? I thought it was and are there rules on keeping it updated?

It just feels like the whole microchipping thing just isn't working.

Out2pasture Sat 08-Oct-16 06:27:15

both my dogs have microchips which are defunct and not able to be traced by the vet....I gather from the vet this is not unusual the microchip life has either died or they have worked their way out from under the skin. not a new pup though and not living in an area that requires microchipping.

Lonecatwithkitten Sat 08-Oct-16 07:22:29

As a professional I knew that responsible dog owners would conform and then the individuals using bitches as puppy making machines would continue as they always had. Really not surprised.

Miloarmadillo1 Sat 08-Oct-16 07:39:38

It is a legal requirement. The problems are that 1) the new law hasn't be v well publicised so some owners are genuinely unaware. 2) the people who just don't care still just don't care 3) nobody is enforcing it.
I am seeing new puppies for vaccinations all the time that the 'breeder' has not had idchipped. Most of our responsible clients had their animals chipped already or got it done in response to our internal publicity about the new law, but that is only reaching those already in the compliant/good owner mindset. I'm not aware of anyone being fined/prosecuted for failure to comply yet.

phillipp Sat 08-Oct-16 16:22:13

I agree it was advertised much at the time. Mum had her dog and only found out with a few days to go.

However a lot of these people do seem to care about their pets. One was distraught when hers went missing. The dog did turn up, but had been In rescue for a while due to no tag or chop. But she had had since April to do it. If it had been chipped she may have got it home a lot sooner.

I just don't get why people can't be arses.

toboldlygo Sat 08-Oct-16 16:38:36

The first conviction and fine under the new law has been made -

phillipp Sat 08-Oct-16 16:44:27

I am surprised to see that.

I suspected it would be one of those things they never follow up.

I wonder if people will see these prosecutions and do something about getting their dogs details changed. Or will it mean people still won't do it but then be reluctant to claim their lost pets.

TrionicLettuce Sat 08-Oct-16 16:52:12

In that case it appears she was caught as she actually went looking for the dog then didn't change the chip details in the time frame she was given.

Unfortunately I think a very high proportion of dogs who end up in council pounds are dumped by people with no interest in getting them back. In such cases I don't know how the actual owners would be found in order to be prosecuted.

Whilst the above case it might be a kick up the bum for mostly responsible owner who just haven't got round to sorting the chip yet, I don't think the new laws are going to do much for the majority of dumped dogs or make much of an impact on shitty breeders.

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