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Mystery vomited object

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thedogsleftbollock Fri 07-Oct-16 12:42:09

I let my dog into the communal back garden two nights ago to pee and she looked as though she found something which I can only imagine she are super fast as she was only out my sight for a second. She rarely eats things she's not meant to so I didn't inspect a thing. She's more of a roller!

Later on she vomited, and it was a weird brown thing which looked like possibly a seed pod from a tree or a baby hedgehog (pretty sure it wasn't though but hopefully you'll get a getter idea of what it looked like from that). It was maybe about four or five inches long, felt soft like a cats hairball (and she does eat the cats hairballs!) but was covered in woody looking spines. She also had a small stomach acid vomit afterwards. It was maybe softer than it normally would have been due to having been in her stomach, and it was covered in stomach acid when it came out so I flushed it. Wish I'd inspected it more now!

There is a tree in the back garden but I don't know what kind so don't know if if came from that. Everyone keeps there bikes there too though so it could have come from anywhere.

It didn't look to be a dead animal as I didn't see any other features on it other than the woody spiny bits. It was quite long and thinnish, so not round at all. I'm sure I've seen trees with long seed cases like that.

She then are her tea and seemed totally fine but the next morning she vomited green stomach acid but was fine all day so clearly she had digested her tea fine. She was fine with her tea last night but today her stomach has been grumbling loads and I don't think she's very well.

I'm also not well and have the cold which I know dogs can get AND someone else I know who brought his dogs to my work last week (where my dog has since been) mentioned that his dog is currently quite sick, so I have no idea as to whether her illness is caused by her having eaten something or whether she vomited something she'd have normally digested because she is already sick?!

I'm getting a bit panicked about it and if she is sick again I'll get a sample and we'll head straight to the vets. Likewise if she seems ill other than the weird stomach noises then we will be off to the vets straight away!

Any ideas what the mystery object could have been? I'm panicking that it could have been poisonous to dogs but hopefully because she vomited it up quickly then there will be minimal damage if so.

Toooldtobearsed Fri 07-Oct-16 12:46:46


If just fallen from tree it might still have its coat on 😊

Toooldtobearsed Fri 07-Oct-16 12:48:37

Sorry, hit post too soon!

I have labradors, so understand dogs wot hoover! Sounds like it could have been a conker if it was hedgehog like.

Tbh, i would starve dog then introduce small bland meals and see how he does.

Good luck!

thedogsleftbollock Fri 07-Oct-16 12:58:02

Thanks for the quick reply! Definitely wasn't a conker, it was much longer and thinner and was absolutely covered in woody looking spines.

Might fast her tonight and then giver her tripe tomorrow. Tripe is like chicken soup for her lol!

Toooldtobearsed Fri 07-Oct-16 13:06:17

Sorry, 'he' is a she!

Do you feed raw? Green tripe has always helped if mine have had something they should not have - you are right, chicken soup for dogs 😄

Hope she feels better soon.

thedogsleftbollock Fri 07-Oct-16 13:14:37

Yup I feed raw smilethis is the first actual illness she's ever had other than the time she ate some organic fertiliser lol. Going to the raw pet food butcher today so I'll get a roll of green tripe then to defrost for tomorrow. My dog will be delighted!

She is currently snuggled up in bed with me (I'm having a lazy day to recover from the cold lol) and her stomach noises are making me hungry shock

Toooldtobearsed Fri 07-Oct-16 16:16:48

My two had some kind of stomache bug a couple of months ago.

I knew oldest one was ill when he walked away from rabbit for tea, youngest was in seventh heaven - extra portions, until she came down with it the following day. They were both fine after 24 hrs, dont think they ate anything bad, i actually posted on a raw feed forum and someone said there was a nasty bug going around in our area.

As mine eat ANYTHING from decomposing seal to cow pats, their stomachs must be cast iron by now, so guess it was 'something going round'.

Fingers crossed she will be fine in the morning - might be worth trying a tin of pilchards in oil? Mine think it is a real treat and might ease the passage of crappiness help?

thedogsleftbollock Fri 07-Oct-16 17:11:53

Good idea, thanks! Haha yeah I can imagine a Labrador turning down a meal would be a shock!

Mines will eat anything if it's in the cats bowl (cat also eats raw) or if I give her it in a way that suggests its a treat, but usually doesn't eat stuff off the street. Looked in the back garden and couldn't see anything like the thing she ate! The tree doesn't look like the offender either. So weird! She wasn't out of my sight all day (she works with me) and I never saw her eat anything. So confusing!

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