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New to dog owning, Tips especially RE BARF or Feeding Raw?

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talksensetome Thu 06-Oct-16 10:23:21

I have managed to become the owner of an American Bulldog. My Ex was moving away and was just going to sell him on Facebook to the highest bidder. Obviously I couldn't let that happen so I have adopted him.

We have been to the VET and had a check up, vaccinations, microchip, worming tablet, Flea treatment and sorted insurance. I have arranged a dog walker for whilst I am at work and booked in some training classes to ensure I can control him. He is very obedient but obviously a large dog and at 5ft 2 and less than 2st heavier than him I need to be confident and dominant.

So next thing on my list is food. He is currently on a mix of pedigree chum and dry complete dog food but his stools are soft and he isn't keen on the dry food. I am interested in starting him on a raw food diet. Does anyone have any information, hints and tips regarding this?

Any other tips for a new dog owner?

BagelGoesWalking Thu 06-Oct-16 17:28:37

It's lovely that you've taken him on, especially such a big, strong breed. God knows where he could have ended up...

this is a good start. Quickstart section is really useful.

this is a good FB group. You'll find list of suppliers all over Uk in their files section. Some suppliers to starter/sample packs which are helpful.

Start him off with something easy like chicken. Careful when you add offal, as too much and he'll get soft poos! You can add things like sardines, eggs, salmon or coconut oil as well every now and again.

Big bags of frozen tripe from Pets@home are good too, to bulk out a meal. Pour it frozen into the bowl (smells even more disgusting defrosted!).

Pre-made mixes like Nature's Menu are easy to start off with but you can also hunt for bargains at a butcher's or supermarkets. Just know that they can't have weight-baring bones. Also, I found that you don't need to think that every single meal has to be the perfect balance, more a balance over the week, if you see what I mean.

Good luck!

talksensetome Thu 06-Oct-16 21:58:45

Thanks for such a helpful post Bagel!! I have found a supplier close to me that sells complete meals so was thinking those and maybe throw in some bones? She said they have coconut oil and herbs in to make them more nutritious.

I will see what flavours she does she is going to deliver them to me at work.

Do you see benefits for your dog or is it all a bit of a gimmick?

BagelGoesWalking Fri 07-Oct-16 16:49:50

grin pleasure!

Forgot to say that pork is probably the one to be careful with. As far as I remember, a lot of people on the FB group (and elsewhere) said dogs can find it a bit indigestible, so try in small amounts first.

I fed raw with 2 foster dogs I had, certainly saw results as far as smaller, more solid poos, they absolutely loved it, no smelly dry (kibble) food to store. Definitely helped clean their teeth, they were rescues so teeth hadn't been particularly looked after and I did notice they became a lot whiter and sparkling in quite a short time.

I used to feed outside nearly all the time as they finish it so quickly it really doesn't matter too much if it's a bit cold/rainy - but there's really no mess anyway as they don't leave anything!

My brother feeds his dogs raw and has done for years. (touch wood), they haven't had anything wrong with them at all, just visits for boosters and that's been it for about the last 8 years. Obviously, there's an element of luck in all that but it seems like it suits his dogs!

Many people recommend Kikopup videos for training

Hope no-one at your work mistake your doggie dinners for their lunch wink Do we get a picture of the handsome fella?

DibbySound Fri 07-Oct-16 21:40:11

I feed raw. DAF dog food is reasonably priced but doesn't deliver to all areas but it says on their website so have a look. I feed it frozen to my dogs, it's too messy when it's defrosted and they prefer it frozen as it's more of a challenge to eat and good for their teeth.
I also buy chicken wings which they have frozen as a snack and Natural Instinct do Lambs heads, necks, trachea etc which they love. Good luck!

talksensetome Sat 08-Oct-16 10:39:59

Thanks for the replies it's all very interesting and useful. I like the tip about feeding frozen.

I looked at DAF and they do deliver to my area but only twice a month. The local supplier I have found can deliver to me daily/weekly/monthly whatever I want.

I don't think she does chicken heads or anything like that though.

BagelGoesWalking Sat 08-Oct-16 10:41:20

He looks gigantic in the 2nd picture shock

talksensetome Sat 08-Oct-16 10:46:06

It must be a funny angle I think. He is a big dog but he looks like a pony on that one grin

orangeyellowgreen Sat 08-Oct-16 19:19:46

What''s he like meeting other dogs? I''d cross the road if I saw him when out with my small growly dog.

talksensetome Sat 08-Oct-16 21:32:17

He is fine with other dogs as long as they are friendly but if they bark at him he hides behind me. He is also scared of cats.
Really is a big daft lump.

DibbySound Tue 11-Oct-16 14:37:19

Aww he's lovely. So handsome.

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