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Walking and food

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Sweetdisposition91 Thu 06-Oct-16 07:33:54

Hello all!
I was just wondering how often/how far/ how long you all walk your dogs for and what type of dogs are they?
Does your routine change in the winter from the summer?

I walk mine for an hour at 6 in the morning off lead every day, cover about 3-4 miles. we try to go to varied places, and sometimes I do an extra evening walk for half an hour. We have a garden. Should I stop being lazy and walk them more often?

I've got 2 Rhodesian ridgebacks, my girl is 39kg and my boy is 48kg (he was 60kg at one point!! My stupid young self feeding him packets of sausages idiot I know now!!)
I feed them skinners duck and rice I have tried all sorts of food, orijen, James wellbeloved, Arden grange, Csj, purizon etc, but I find this works well for us as they enjoy it and it's cheap! Now I always add stuff to their food be it chicken, turkey mince, beef mince (cooked) and vegetables, sardines, raw eggs yoghurt etc so they definitely have a varied and balanced diet!
They both get 250g each of the skinners a day split between breakfast and lunch with the added stuff, or if nothing extra is added I'll give them an extra 70g of biscuits or so. They get the same amount as although my boy is bigger, he is a lot lazier than my girl and doesn't run as much and he gains weight easily!
They get training treats, chews, other treats etc on top of their food, also have leftover (healthy) human food if there's any going!

However, they always seem hungry, and food obsessed, slightest rustle of the treat tin or a packet or when you're eating etc they are there hovering about! And when I walk them they are constantly scrounging about for food, and eating random food in parks left out for birds etc.
Is this because they are genuinely hungry or are they just scavengers? grin

Is there anything I can do to stop them eating crap off the floor bar from a muzzle? They both hate them and don't even walk whilst wearing one and just slide about the floor constantly, which now the weather is changing that's no good for me!

Thanks I look forward to hearing how spoilt all your doggies are with the walks they get smile

Blackfellpony Thu 06-Oct-16 08:02:27

My dogs don't get the same every day. Some days an hour, some half an hour but much higher intensity and some days they get training instead. Some days they go out twice and sometimes once. I didn't want them in a routine as my last dog was a nightmare if his walk was late even by half an hour. I like to have a relaxing day without them second guessing when the walk may be, now they only get excited when the lead comes out and not before!

My trainer told me an exhausted dog actually isnt that important and that it is possible to excerise too much, especially with my aggressive one as if she's kicked off a lot she needs time to relax at home!

As for food I go off what they look like rather than what the bag says or how much they greed (which is a lot!)
If they look skinny I up the food a bit, do yours look the right weight?

I taught a strong leave command and mine will leave the majority of things on the floor but I'm not sure they would leave bits of bread etc grin I think that's more oppertunity than actually being hungry!

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