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A day in the life of your dog

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Yakari Tue 04-Oct-16 12:29:07

So we've recently taken in a one year old rescue dog. She's obviously beautiful but also a little skittish and still settling as she's only been with us a month.
She's up with us around 6ish and has breakfast the. gets a good 45 mins outside between two school bus runs. Then mooch about the house, another walk around lunchtime. The afternoon I try to fit in some play and then she's walked again around 4ish for school bus pick up. Evenings she is very chilled while we do the usual homework, dinner, kids to bed and a quick walk around 9.30/10 before bed. She sleeps downstairs through her choice, she's still not comfortable upstairs and the living room is obviously her safe spot.
We do have a garden she has free access to from the house and a couple of times a week one of the walks tends to be much longer more of a hike in the nearby countryside but other days it's too hot/wet (we live abroad) so walks can be shorter.
So far she's only had to be left alone a few times.
We've deliberately kept things low key and fairly routine based to let her settle in. I'm just trying to get a feel for how much time she's out / entertained versus just mooching around which in fairness she seems to love!
Can you tell me what your dogs day looks like? Thanks so much.

Yakari Tue 04-Oct-16 12:30:33

Sorry for the multiple postings

Yakari Tue 04-Oct-16 12:35:10

If I add a picture here hopefully this one will stick
I know you all love cute dog photos

Littlebee76 Tue 04-Oct-16 18:15:22

Sounds like your dog has a lovely life!
My 10 year old lab has a 20 minute walk in the morning, then a longer one after work. She's happy as long as we are cuddling her, she doesn't like toys just cuddles! Never known a dog like her!

happydays00 Tue 04-Oct-16 18:40:58

Your dog sounds like she has a lovely life.

A normal day for my 2 looks like this:

Breakfast at 6am when DP gets up
Outside for toilet business and a mooch around the garden
Back to bed with me until 7:30
30 minute walk at 8
Sleep / bark / potter round the garden until 12:30
Beg at the kitchen table during lunch
30 minute walk at 1:30ish
Dentastix at 2ish
Sleep a coma like sleep for 4 hours occasionally waking to bark during conference calls
Potter round the garden / play time at 6ish
Beg at the kitchen table during dinner
Back to sleep / bark at the TV
Outside for toilet business at approx 10pm
Treats and bed

They're really very lazy (and greedy) when I look at it like that..

phillipp Tue 04-Oct-16 19:45:07

My dogs day is

6am get up with me and go to the toilet then go back sleep on my knee while I have a coffee

7.15 jump on the kids until they wake up then go get breakfast

8.15 quick walk then home for a nap.

Play with toys or lounge on me while I work until 12, have lunch and a long walk

More playing and lounging until the kids come home

Have dinner and play with the kids

8pm fall asleep on the sofa in between me and dh.

Weekends are when we fit in much longer walks.

Our dog sleeps most of the morning the. Not much in the afternoons

CatsTats Tue 04-Oct-16 19:54:47

Mdogs day is

5am goes out for an hour long run with me or dh.

6am he gets home and has his breakfast.

He then naps/potters round the garden/ barks/ plays with his toys until lunchtime when he'll either get a quick walk with his dog walker or me if I'm working from home.

He then naps until 5pm when he gets fed tea and snoozes in his crate.

9pm he goes out for his final walk which is about 30/35 minutes long.

Hoppinggreen Wed 05-Oct-16 08:22:49

Mine gets up with me at about 7.30
I let him into the garden but he usually follows me around as I potter and yell at the kids to get up. As they come down he says hello to them ( and usually humps
He goes in his room while I drop the kids at school then I'm home by 9 to take him for a walk. If Ive got jobs to do or need to go out I usually go about 10 and am home by around 12.30. Then we have a short walk and I potter or do jobs while he follows me around .
At 3 he goes in his room again while I collect DS and when DD gets in at 4 she takes him out again.
The kids play with him (or ignore him depending on their mood) until teatime
At about 7 DH takes him out and then he chills out until we put him to bed in his own room at about 11.
This is a day when I'm not working, if I do he goes to doggy day care

pigsDOfly Wed 05-Oct-16 10:44:07

Goodness, all these early risers. It's 10.30 and my dog hasn't got out of bed yet. Admittedly we don't tend to go to bed until about half past midnight - I get up about 7.45/8 usually - but even so, she must be the laziest dog ever blush .

She'll get up a bit earlier sometimes to do a wee in the garden, but that's a rare event, but then goes back to bed.

We go to the park around 11/11.30 for a 30 minute or so run, sometimes a bit longer, this also involves treats and some serious and not so serious training, but she's a small dog so no great big hikes, and then back home for a bit of a mooch, and of course, sleep.

I'm often busy in the afternoon so she'll rest then, but we'll have a bit of play sometimes as I pass her and do our grooming when necessary.

We have another 30/45 minute walk somewhere between 5 and 6, come home, share some fruit and she'll have a sleep beside me.

Rest of the evening is spent either with her, usually, in and out of the back door - she likes to sit in the doorway in the cool of the evening, makes the house nice and cold - and periodically doze. Or if she wants a serious sleep she'll take herself upstairs until she's ready to eat. She eats once a day and usually it's pretty late for some reason - her choice.

There's a lot of mooching around, staring into space and playing during the day as well, which dogs seem very good at. Agree with Happydays dog's are pretty lazy and greedy.

I think if she'd been a human, she'd have been something like a jazz singer in a nightclub as she's definitely suited to the late night lifestyle smile

Sounds to me as if you're doing it all perfectly and your dog has a lovely life OP.

insan1tyscartching Wed 05-Oct-16 12:36:42

Eric's day looks like this
Gets out of his bed to say hello when I get up about 6am and then goes back to bed.
Gets up officially when dd gets up at 7.30 probably because he gets a titbit from her breakfast.
He's left whilst we do the school run then when i get back it's his first walk of the day. We go for between an hour and an hour and a half and he gets a chance to meet up with his dog friends and chase and play with them. He has a small breakfast when he gets home
From getting home to collecting dd he follows me around or snoozes and we play with his toys and I get him to practise a few tricks when he starts to be bored.
Dd and ds entertain him by throwing his ball in the garden or with his toys inside whilst I cook dinner and after dinner dh takes him for the second walk (although now nights are drawing in he will be walked before dinner soon) Dh is generally gone about an hour and a half. He has his main meal when he gets back.
He spends the evening snoozing in his basket or going from one to the other of us for a belly rub or a scratch behind his ears and between half ten and eleven he goes for his last stroll around the block (20 mins). He chooses a bedtime biscuit before settling down for bed in his basket about half eleven.

DailyMailFuckRightOff Wed 05-Oct-16 12:44:15

Your dog has a lovely life OP. You've made a lovely home for him.

For our 2 they get up when we open the curtains (when it's dark it's night to them - v handy).
Quick trip to the garden while we eat breakfast, then 20 mins walk.
Dog breakfast and Sleep.
Dog walker comes at lunchtime, walks them for a good hour and a half.
Dog dinner.
Garden / Quick walk.
Sometimes a late night walk, sometimes a pootle round the garden. If it's raining, the garden.
Repeat. If it's raining a lot, they've been known to stay in their beds until lunchtime or forced to get up and go downstairs.

They are two VERY lazy greyhounds who have done a lifetime of running so are now catching up on relaxation time apparently.

Yakari Wed 05-Oct-16 12:58:07

Thanks so much! I was worrying she slept a bit too much but I guess that's also part of settling in. She joined in with DS and his mates football game today and was shattered as a result! hmm

ChairRider4 Wed 05-Oct-16 13:06:09

Up at 6am quick walk round block then breakfast
Plays with DS and also watches what I'm up to till around 7.40 when He leaves for schools
Then 7.40 ish we go out for anything from 60 mins to 3/4 hrs but not all play as working
Home and he snoozes
Walk round block about 12.30 (he won't pee/poo own garden )
Then out about 2.30 for 90 min walk home and snoozes
4 pm dinne
Then evening walk about 6pm ish
Home plays etc
7.30 he conks out
Then about .9.30 quick 5 min walk for pee then bed

insan1tyscartching Wed 05-Oct-16 17:54:10

Chair Eric doesn't pee or poo in our garden either, thankfully he seems to manage happily on three outings a day.

CMOTDibbler Wed 05-Oct-16 18:00:12

Up at 7, bimble in garden, have breakfast.
Snooze on sofa till ds goes to school at 8.20.
Move to his bed for proper snore till lunchtime, possibly bimbling in the garden at intervals.
Lunchtime, run with me
Snore till ds comes home
Go out for some serious zoomies
Dinner at 7
Snore on ds's bed
Last wee at 10.30

BestIsWest Wed 05-Oct-16 18:16:50

Today dog got up at 6 with DD who was going to work. Had breakfast and a wander round the garden looking for the cat.
Back to bed for a lie in until I got up at 8.
Played with his toys and stood on patrol duty in the front window until about 11.
Went to the beach and had a long walk and a run around with some friendly but loopy red setters.
Visited Pets at home for supplies and a look at the guinea pigs.
Sat outside Starbucks in the sun while we had a coffee.
Helped with mowing the lawn by having a good bark at the lawnmower.
Visited my parents and had a long play with my brother's dog.
Now having a snooze. More window patrol later before it gets dark.

Yesterday was not so much fun as we were all in and out throughout the day but had to leave him on his own for a few hours in the day and we all went to the cinema without him last night.

Tea will be about 7pm to be followed by a few games of throw me a toy.

agedknees Fri 07-Oct-16 19:47:17

My day by Milo (a rescue dog)

6am get up with dad, do my business in the garden, have breakfast then back to bed with mum for a lie in.

7.30. Decide mum is smelly in bed so decide to give her a bed bath (mum not too happy). Anyway at least it gets the lazy female up he he he.

9.30am. So after mum has done some necessary chores we go for a 1 - 2 hour walk, sometimes to the woods, sometimes to the beach. Oh my I love the beach. In my last home I was kept in a room for 3 years and not taken out for walks.

12ish mum has lunch, I get an after walk snack.

Afternoon I sleep on the sofa, then tea at 4pm.

6.15pm we walk to the train station to pick up dad.

After humans tea we play games, cuddles etc.

Bedtime I sneak in between mum and dad.

Oh it's good being a dog!!!

PikachuSayBoo Fri 07-Oct-16 19:50:36

Sounds fine to me.

My dog gets up with me at 6am and goes out in the garden. Comes back in and snoozes on the bed until just after 8am. We then go out for a 3 mile off lead walk with other dogs, so lots of running about.

Then come home, I go out to the gym so she's home alone.

I get home just before midday and she goes out in the garden for a bit. She then comes in and spends all afternoon and evening snoozing/pottering about. Goes to bed with dd about 9pm.

weegiemum Fri 07-Oct-16 20:01:33

Weegiepuppy gets up about 7.15 for a 25 min walk with dd2 (he officially belongs to her, so its her job!)

He gets up on bed with me - I'm disabled so have a slow morning - until about 11, when he gets a good run about the garden. He goes (voluntarily - mostly) to his crate about 12, and sleeps for 3-4 hours.

He gets up about 4 when dc get in - one of them then takes him out for half an hour or normally more. He pooters around the garden and kitchen, looking for food (he's a labradooodle and where food is concerned, the Lab is king!!) until teatime - sometimes he's ok with a dentalstix but sometimes we have to crate him for dinnertime!

He gets walked again between 7 and 8, and then gets (again, voluntarily) back in his crate - and is dozy until a quick loo stop around 10.

Hes an easy puppy - apart from the crazy running all over my bed to say good morning before his walk - but I don't mind because he loves me!

Obsessedalready Sat 08-Oct-16 10:39:52

6 year old collie/German shepherd

My dog has four types of days:

Weekday 1 (twice a week):
Up at 7, gets a chicken stick
Walk for 40-45 minutes
Back home, fresh water and a bowl of dry food, and his big bone
Left at home for 9 hours while we go to work
Home from work an hour walk
Training whatever 'trick' we are learning for 10 minutes
Dinner (wet and dry food)
Cuddles while we watch TV
Bed at 11 (sleeps in downstairs hallway)

Weekday 2 (twice a week):
Up at 7 with chicken stick
40-45 minute walk
Bowl of dry food and fresh water
At home with one of us working from home for 9 hours (occasionally gets a short lunchtime walk)
End of work day gets 1 hour walk
Either gets left in evening or taken to pub with us.
Bed 11

Weekday three (once a week)
Up at 7 and chicken stick
Walk for 15 minutes
Drive to work 45 minutes
Walk for 15 minutes
Sits at work for morning with bone or saying hi to people who come in office
Lunchtime walk 20 mins
Bowl of dry food and fresh water
Sits in office in the afternoon like the morning
Drive home from work 45 mins
Hour long walk
Cuddles with to
Bed at 11

Gets up when we do (between 8-10)
Long morning walk, maybe to a cafe for breakfast
Lunch chills with bone
Bowl of dry food and fresh water
Another long walk maybe we another dog or human friends and family
Sneaky bit of roast as a treat
Bed variable

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