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A day in the life of your dog

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Yakari Tue 04-Oct-16 12:27:37

So we've recently taken in a one year old rescue dog. She's obviously beautiful but also a little skittish and still settling as she's only been with us a month.
She's up with us around 6ish and has breakfast the. gets a good 45 mins outside between two school bus runs. Then mooch about the house, another walk around lunchtime. The afternoon I try to fit in some play and then she's walked again around 4ish for school bus pick up. Evenings she is very chilled while we do the usual homework, dinner, kids to bed and a quick walk around 9.30/10 before bed. She sleeps downstairs through her choice, she's still not comfortable upstairs and the living room is obviously her safe spot.
We do have a garden she has free access to from the house and a couple of times a week one of the walks tends to be much longer more of a hike in the nearby countryside but other days it's too hot/wet (we live abroad) so walks can be shorter.
So far she's only had to be left alone a few times.
We've deliberately kept things low key and fairly routine based to let her settle in. I'm just trying to get a feel for how much time she's out / entertained versus just mooching around which in fairness she seems to love!
Can you tell me what your dogs day looks like? Thanks so much.

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