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Two dogs - Surgery at the same time or not?

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NNChangeAgain Mon 03-Oct-16 12:31:55

As is the way of these things, both elderly DDogs (10.5 & 12.5) need GAs and surgery.

Nothing too major - one should just have bruising and a couple of days recovery time (gland flush and FNA), the other, a weeks or so for healing and then stitches out (castration and scrotal sac removal).

Am I mad to think about booking them in for surgery at the same time? We anticipate someone having to sleep downstairs with them the day they come home - there are two of us, so we could take one dog each?

Or, should we let one recover before the other goes in? Gland flush is booked for this week - We've got a weekend away booked in a couple of weeks so we might have to delay the castration until we get back if we don't have it done this week.

NNChangeAgain Mon 03-Oct-16 18:13:24

Moot point - vet has scheduled castration/ablation for Weds - so they'll be having surgery two days apart.
Wish me luck.

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