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Puppy teething and Antos vegetable chews

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ShoeEatingMonster Sun 02-Oct-16 20:29:37

So puppy is deep in the throws of teething and very mouthy! At his vet check up the other day she recommended the antos vegetable chews which they stock and pup loves them
They're just the right length and shape to get the back teeth which seem to be the sore ones. How regularly can I feed them? Ingredients listed are: potato flour, rice flour, glycerine, cellulose powder, tapioca and brewers yeast.
Also been trying frozen carrots but they don't go down so well! Any other reccomenations greatfully recieved!

Bubble2bubble Mon 03-Oct-16 10:53:58

these fish skin chews can keep pups going for ages. They are really tough and smelly too, and have done brilliant job of keeping my older dogs' teeth clean.

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