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Contemplating adopting another puppy...

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Elbekind Sun 02-Oct-16 20:29:38

Hi everyone,
I'm just looking for some advice/somewhere to vent my worries/share my excitement really. We adopted our first dog in August 2015 when he was 3 months old. He is a male samoyed, now almost a year and a half old and is really the greatest addition to our family. We are totally smitten and love him to bits. He is everything you could ask for in a dog; extremely well behaved, great with the children (I'm a childminder so this is of paramount importance), a beautiful specimen of the breed, has great lineage and is just all around a brilliant, fantastic dog.
We have recently been dog-sitting for a friend quite often for a few days at a time and we have really, really enjoyed looking after them both. It is lovely to see how well both dogs get on and how much our dog enjoys her company so we have been contemplating adopting another dog. However, we do have some questions:
1) Would you suggest getting another male, or a female pup? He is somewhat submissive so we are leaning away from another female, although I'd love to have one. He is castrated so that is not a problem regarding getting a male.
2) I am almost certain it is some fluke that we have such an easy going, great-natured dog. I have had dogs my entire life so I do know a fair bit about training, care etc but our dog is so brilliant I feel like I can't possibly have been responsible.. I'm just so worried that we will get another dog and they will be a bit more breed-usual e.g. very stubborn, not great recall, barking issues, coat issues. I was happy to take the chance first time round however I don't know how well I'd cope with the second dog not being as great.
3) The breeder of our dog is now using mum and dad to have another litter, meaning the pup will be a full sibling of our dog. This seems brilliant as our dog is a great specimen of the breed, however does anyone know of any reason not to do this? Obviously our dog is castrated so there would be no chance of accidental breeding.
4) Finally, how would you suggest handling a small puppy around a lively 1.5 year old dog? He is super gentle with the children, however I have never seen him around puppies so would love some advice R.E what you would do with sleeping arrangements, feeding times etc. Currently our dog has free roam of the house, however I do know this is not usually the advised method.
Sorry for such a long winded post... I'm not even entirely sure what responses I'm after. Just some advice/ stories of your own experiences really. Thanks!

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