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When, how often and what do I use to bath my puppy?

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Goingtobeawesome Fri 30-Sep-16 11:40:39

She's a golden retriever and currently almost ten weeks.

MitchellMummy Fri 30-Sep-16 12:20:01

Awww, how lovely. Dogs shouldn't be bathed too often as that strips away the natural oils. I bathe my golden retriever when she's rolled in poo, got very muddy or been in chlorinated water, otherwise I don't. There are plenty of dog shampoos available in pet shops - I don't stick to one brand but I think the tea tree oil one was good. I've had a load of freebies so I'm using them (both on the dogs and my own hair). Enjoy your puppy!

pigsDOfly Fri 30-Sep-16 14:41:05

Haven't bathed my long haired, small dog for years because it stresses her too much. I do however, brush her to remove dead hair and she keeps perfectly clean.

When she was a puppy, she's five years old now, I would bathe her when she got muddy - liked to wade into muddy puddles - but she doesn't do that any more and doesn't roll in smelly stuff either.

Spoke to my vet about it as I seemed to be the only person I know that doesn't send their dog to the groomers for a regular shampoo, he said it was really better not to bathe them unless absolutely necessary.

Shampoo should be very mild, specially for puppies is best, and try to steer clear of anything made by Johnsons.

Feel very jealous of you having a cuddly 10 week old puppy - my dog is not a cuddler - can we see some pictures please.

Hoppinggreen Fri 30-Sep-16 14:48:16

I only bathed my Goldie once and that was when we cost got him home as he was in a bit of a state.
He is 10 months now and occasionally gets hosed down if he is very muddy but apart from that we don't bother.
I don't think it's really necessary.

WeAllHaveWings Fri 30-Sep-16 15:07:42

If our black lab is muddy we rub down well with clean towels (we have a pile of 12 dog towels), and give a him a good brush when dry.

We bath him roughly twice a year, one is after he moults as he tends to get a lot of dandruff just at this time which is visible against his black coat.

Goingtobeawesome Fri 30-Sep-16 17:29:15

Pics as requested!

Goingtobeawesome Fri 30-Sep-16 17:30:21

I'll leave off bathing her then until I really have too. She's not keen on being brushed and shouts at it if she sees it but we persevere.

Thank you 🐶

Goingtobeawesome Fri 30-Sep-16 17:31:19

Hoppinggreen was the water not too cold? <PFP>grin

Blue2014 Fri 30-Sep-16 17:39:57

Oh my god, she's gorgeous!!! Xx

Goingtobeawesome Fri 30-Sep-16 18:17:51

I e got a long thread about her blush. I'm a proud doggy mummy grin.

pigsDOfly Fri 30-Sep-16 18:38:08

So gorgeous. Have puppy envy now.

EasyToEatTiger Sun 02-Oct-16 11:49:57

Lovely pup! Grooming is something none of our dogs particularly enjoy! I have a tube of Fox Poo shampoo and I probably only use it on one dog in any year. Usually for really smelly stuff. If the dogs come back really really muddy, I might stick them in the shower to rinse the muck off without soap. Usually the dogs dry themselves on the furniture or in our bed. I do have some dog towels as well. I know some people bathe their dogs on a regular basis. I think it is more important to keep matting and shedding under control and check for ticks and fleas.

Shriek Sun 02-Oct-16 16:14:36

please don't bath your puppy... puppies instinctively hate being bathed, it strips their coats, risks their very sensitive skin, and there is absolutely no need, unless medically required (like treading in something poisonous,etc).

otherwise what would be the point?

Use a good grooming kit, which is good for their coat and blood circulation to skin, will keep a check on ticks and general health/fleas, and bring good bond from regular gentle handling. Puppies are within their rights to be distressed about being soaked so young! they lose temperature VERY quickly and only have puppy fur.

Shriek Sun 02-Oct-16 16:16:14

oops! can see you have decided against it, she will be pleased! grin

What a wonderful pup she is! you lucky lucky family!

Hoppinggreen Sun 02-Oct-16 17:21:19

Not as cold ( or smelly) as the muddy pond he jumps in given half a chance!!!!

missyB1 Sun 02-Oct-16 17:24:26

I'm glad I read this! I have a 12week old miniature schnauzer and I have bathed her twice already blush I didn't realise it was bad for them. I will lay off the baths now.

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