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good alternative to Millie's Wolfheart (dry food)?

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Dieu Tue 27-Sep-16 11:45:48

Hi. My 16 month old Shih Tzu has been on Millie's for ages now, ever since I weaned him off the Royal Canin stuff that he came home with.
It's a good food and we have no problems with it. He's keen enough on it, but like with most dry varieties, prefers it with a little something mixed through! It's good for his tum, and soft stools are kept to a minimum … always a bonus with a fluffy haired breed.
I have no qualms about continuing to buy it, if for the best. However I have been wondering lately if there was a slightly cheaper alternative, which could possibly be bought at my local dog shop (an independent one, which stocks other high quality brands). I also find ordering it online a bit of an inconvenience, even if the service is pretty good.
Has anyone looked into a less costly, more widely available type of kibble? Don't worry, I have no intention of going down the Pedigree Chum route wink
Many thanks.

everythingis Tue 27-Sep-16 13:56:16

Have a look at the allaboutdogfood site. I found Aatu on there and tried my spaniel with it - huge hit and his tummy has been issue free since plus you can buy it at PAH. The site is extremely helpful

WasWildatHeart Tue 27-Sep-16 14:28:49

Don't know how the cost compares but we haven't looked back since moving our terrier onto Eden. Chose this because she had epileptic cramping and I read that changing her diet might help. She hasn't had any problems since and is lean, healthy and even has a shiny coat - not bad going for a grizzle wire haired terrier!

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