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Deep teeth clean and possible extraction

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alwaysfancywine Tue 27-Sep-16 11:34:32

My lovely 4 year old yorkie cross is booked in for a deep clean on his teeth in a few days and the vet said he may well have to remove some of the teeth as they are badly decayed. I feel terrible - it's all my fault as I've never cleaned them. Please tell me I'm not a bad doggy mummy! Will he still be able to eat ok if they have to remove some of them?

TrionicLettuce Tue 27-Sep-16 13:42:39

She'll still be able to eat just fine if they take some teeth out, though she'll need soft food whilst she's healing.

DDog1 had quite a few decaying teeth taken out when he was about 12 years old (so double whammy of losing teeth and being geriatric!!) and once he was all healed he carried on exactly as he was before. In fact he was happier as his mouth wasn't sore.

DWhippet3 (2 years old) has recently had his biggest upper molar removed on one side as he sheared it off right down to the pulp chewing on an antler hmm He was back to eating his normal food and happily munching on biscuits within a week.

Once she's had them cleaned will be a great time to start brushing them. Logic Oral Hygiene Gel is great stuff as sticks to the teeth and does some good even if you can't get in there to give them a proper brush. Mine love it though (they've not been keen on previous toothpastes) and happily let me go over all their teeth using a finger brush.

jwww Tue 27-Sep-16 15:56:48

You're not alone most people don't brush there pets teeth then kick up a fuss when they learn that dental care isn't covered by most pet insurance policies!

Once your dogs teeth are sorted out by the vet you should really start brushing them to stop any further damage being done smile

Darklane Tue 27-Sep-16 17:44:50

You're not a bad doggy mummy at all.
Two of my Yorkies have recently had the same thing, deep clean & extractions. This was despite me brushing them every day with Logic & a baby toothbrush, putting Plaque Off on their dinners AND putting Petzlife gel on at bedtime. confused
The vet said it's Yorkies, they are notorious for having bad teeth. One of mine wasn't helped by the fact she's been on medication all her life for IBD which the vet said would contribute to the deterioration.
The other one had comparatively good teeth for a Yorkie of his age, nine, which I put down to him having an imported American champion for his dad. We all know Americans have good teeth, yes? grin But he still needed to have three out.

alwaysfancywine Wed 28-Sep-16 16:45:52

Thanks for all of your tips and thoughts, much appreciated. He's in tomorrow for the op - we'll see! Off to stock up on brushes and tooth paste!

MaynJune Thu 29-Sep-16 13:19:51

Some dogs have worse teeth than others no matter what you do.
It's good to brush once she's had the dental but it won't necessarily mean she won't have any trouble in the future!

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