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advice please re lump on lurcher's leg

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mollie123 Mon 26-Sep-16 11:05:03

'Lurch' developed a strange looking lump on his front onside leg the end of last week - started with a blood blister the size of a large pea and the joint looked swollen and red and hot to the touch.
see pic
visited the vet this morning who moved his joint and caused him to yelp although he is now able to walk on the leg which he could not do 2 days ago. He is also eating etc and not in any pain.
Vet has given him anti-inflammatories and does not think it is 'bone cancer' (greys/lurchers are prone to this) and to go back next week and do an x-ray if necessary.
Any ideas - could it be a bite, sting or just trauma?
He is 12 1/2 years old so fearing the worst.

Pinkgeek Mon 26-Sep-16 11:08:00

Hi , my greyhound developed a lump on his leg around the joint and it was because he used to lay on it a lot. The vet was not at all concerned. It didn't start as a blood blister though so it's good that you've got it checked.
Hope it will all be ok x

mollie123 Tue 27-Sep-16 05:58:56

thank you pink
after the traumatic visit to the vets - he hates it - he is a bit happier today and although the lump is still there and a bit inflamed he is able to put his paw down and (silly hound) tries to take off on a bit of a run just to show he is not beat yet.
I will keep on with the gentle exercise and anti-inflammatories (unless anyone else has any ideas of other things I could try) and hope I get a few more months at least with him.

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