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Pup has eaten a grape - advice please

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LittlestCoffeeCup Sat 24-Sep-16 11:53:10

Hi, our 8mth pug/jrt x was given one grape by my niece yesterday when visiting. I had no idea these were toxic to dogs until my daughter had told me this morning.

The vet we are registered with is closed and the emergency weekend vet is looking for £90 upfront for a consultation (which I can't afford atm) sad

I've been googling all morning trying to see if she will be ok.
Advice is mostly antidotal and conflicting (one grape can kill/dog eats them all the time me and is fine) etc..

she hasn't vomited or had any diahrea(?) and is eating and drinking normally, also doing plenty of pees.
she's a bit more sleepy than usual but that may be down to me having the heating on (first time in ages!)

Anyone any advice please?

reallyanotherone Sat 24-Sep-16 12:03:18

Veterinary poisons now has public access.

I think it's £30- and they'll tell you whether your dog needs treatment. If it does, you get the £30 back off the vet bill.

The number popped up on my fb feed- but i'm sure a google
Will find it...

But definately get advice, grapes caise kidney failure and by the time you notice symptoms it'll be too late.

LittlestCoffeeCup Sat 24-Sep-16 14:48:02

Bumping the thread please

LittlestCoffeeCup Sat 24-Sep-16 14:49:30

Thanks reallyanotherone but I don't even have a spare £30 today to use that site

MissClarke86 Sat 24-Sep-16 14:50:32

You can still ring your emergency vet for free advice.

Is he insured?

If you'd rang them soon they'd likely have given him a charcoal substance to make him vomit, but if it's been a while it's likely gone through his system now. I think if it was going to affect him you'd have seen symptoms already, but would still ring the vets.

Wolfiefan Sat 24-Sep-16 14:51:25

Pets at home vet?
Blue cross if you are really strapped for cash?
Isn't pup insured? Claim it back.
Pets cost money. You can't do nothing if you're worried. Sorry.

Greenkit Sat 24-Sep-16 14:53:32

Really I wouldn't worry, we have given our dogs the odd grape, the odd bit of chocolate, In fact Poppy ate a whole pack of Jaffa cakes and one of those really large bars of galaxy and she was fine.

One grape will not kill your pup

ChipIn Sat 24-Sep-16 14:54:32

My dog ate onion and vet recommended we take him in to vomit it up. Symptoms could take a while to show, even a matter of days, and by the time you see them it's often too late. I'd find the money to get treatment as the level of toxicity is unknown.

somewheresomehow Sat 24-Sep-16 14:57:51
from reading this ^^ some dogs have more of a reaction to grapes than others, I think you may have been lucky this time

TrionicLettuce Sat 24-Sep-16 15:04:49

The problem with grapes as opposed to something like chocolate (where there is a consistent dose which causes problems) is that the reaction can vary hugely between dogs. Some dogs can get away with eating them whilst others end up in kidney failure after when they've only had a small amount.

At this point it's too late to induce vomiting so all you can do is keep an eye on her. It's unlikely that a single grape will do any damage but if she seems at all unwell (including being lethargic) she does need to see a vet to be on the safe side.

user1471461436 Sat 24-Sep-16 15:06:11

Try not to worry but get the vets advice. My very small dog ate a whole toddler portion of raisins (she stole them!) and was entirely fine so i think it depends on the dog! Mine eats all sorts because shes a fridge and bin raiding thief.

reallyanotherone Sat 24-Sep-16 15:08:14

Miss clarke, you're wrong.

Charcoal doesn't make them vomit it up to start.

Grapes can take up to 72 hours for damage to occur, so he may seem completely fine for now, but still be going into renal failure. So you wouldn't be seeing symptoms already.

Sorry, just as an example as why not to take medical or veterinary advice from randoms on the internet.

The issue with grapes is in some dogs, a grapes or two will kill them. There is no way to know whether your dog will be one of the ones that will be ok, or not. So generally treatment is recommended in all cases.

Or you wait 3 days and see if you'll be ok. If not, there's no treatment.

MrsJayy Sat 24-Sep-16 15:12:22

Ring your emergency vet you can be billed if your pup needs treatment just explain your situation but get advice

Pogmella Sat 24-Sep-16 16:57:53

I would take him in. Small breed and by the time they show symptoms its too late. They'll give an emetic injection and charcoal to go home with. You really need at least your insurance excess in savings at all times if you're taking on a pup.

Twooter Sat 24-Sep-16 21:47:22

They won't make him sick if he had it yesterday.

MissClarke86 Sat 24-Sep-16 23:13:04

Sorry. I just know my friends dog age fruitcake and they took him in to be given charcoal. I presume it did something to clear his stomach out but was clearly mistaken.

ChipIn Sun 25-Sep-16 00:43:36

Missclarke you're right that they give charcoal but I think that's to help absorb any more toxins after throwing up. Over 7 years of having our dogs we've been through this a few times and they've always been given injections to vomit and charcoal afterwards

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