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Come tell me what's wrong with my dog*

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AnUtterIdiot Thu 22-Sep-16 11:11:54

*I have an appointment with him at the vet for this afternoon

Dog is a rescue greyhound, neutered male aged 5. He has been with us since January and is the best, most sweetest dog in the world. Very happy to be left for a few hours, not destructive, gentle and sweet with children, adults, large and small dogs death on legs to cats. Not clingy - likes a certain amount of cuddling and stroking but also likes his own space, often says goodnight to us before we say goodnight to him.

The last couple of days he's become very squeaky. When I came home yesterday I was very tired so walked him, made a fuss of him and then went straight to bed instead of sitting with him (he doesn't sleep in our room). Wasn't entirely surprised that he squeaked at first, but he really would not settle at all: pacing, squeaking, for hours. He'd been fed and watered and walked, not limping. I did notice that he had a bit of a gummy ear but that was because I looked in it when I was running my hands over him to see if he was hurt - he's not scratched or pawed at it and isn't shaking his head.

Nothing settled him. He hadn't eaten his dinner but that's really not unusual: I didn't have any frankfurters in the house and he's not a very foody dog so his dinner was probably massively uninteresting to him. Normally if he squeaks like this it's because he wants a walk/poo so although he'd been walked I tried letting him out again: nothing, he just sniffed about and then stood there looking politely confused. I went and sat in the sitting room with him and after about 5 minutes he went into the hall and carried on pacing and squeaking.

This morning: squeaked when he heard us waking up (usually does, not unusual or unreasonable). Then more pacing and squeaking. DH took him for a 10 minute walk before work (we usually take him for longer than that but he doesn't usually seem to feel shortchanged if we don't) and he continued to pace and squeak. I gave him his breakfast (scrambled egg on kibble) and he ate about two thirds of it: again not unusual. More pacing and squeaking/howling. I got his lead out and he immediately stopped howling and started twirling and wagging so we went for another walk: a good forty minutes this time, lots of nose work and grass eating. 2 poos, one reasonably firm, one basically just water, again not unusual because he is a greyhound and they are flimsy and sensitive.

Back home: drink of water and immediately more pacing and howling.

So. It's not separation anxiety because it's not eased when we're here. He does not appear to be in pain: not scratching or clawing any part of himself. He loves his walks, he does not howl or whine whilst on them. He's not off his food or at least no more off it than he usually is. He responds happily to affection and stroking.

I've got an appointment with the vet tonight because I'm now really worried that he's in terrible pain that I can't see (although I'm a bit hmm about physical pain that is totally unbearable at home but has no effect on him whatsoever when outside), and because I want that ear looked at regardless of whether it's to do with this or not. But seriously: what on earth is wrong with him if he's not physically ill? Any ideas?

AnUtterIdiot Thu 22-Sep-16 11:12:30

NB he eats grass on every walk, it's not a sign of abdominal distress for him.

Mybeardeddragonjustdied2016 Thu 22-Sep-16 11:14:33

Is he drinking and weeing more than usual? Maybe uti?
No wonder we wish they could speak!!

AnUtterIdiot Thu 22-Sep-16 11:15:23

No, not at all. I am honestly totally baffled!

acornsandnuts Thu 22-Sep-16 11:20:36

It could be his ears although if he's not pawing them it's hard to say.

Jubaloo442 Thu 22-Sep-16 11:26:31

Ours goes through stages of being really needy like this. No squeaking though, she just stands and tries to make eye contact and comes really close.

It's usually when she's eaten something terrible (expired dried barley this week following a kitchen cupboard sort out) and her belly is bothering her. I can tell she's not right because her 'armpits' are really hot!

I know this doesn't really answer your question, but I'd be willing to bet some sort of digestive discomfort or maybe a bug that is making him feel generally rotten.

Sorry you're worried. Am guessing the vet will recommend a bland diet (chicken, rice, and the water the rice was cooked in).

AnUtterIdiot Thu 22-Sep-16 11:31:01

I feel like the ears are the most likely thing, really. Loose poos could be to do with an infection? I've just brought the appointment forward, actually, because I've really never seen him like this before and whilst greys are a bit melodramatic he's usually very quiet and relaxed.

Ooh, maybe it's his teeth. They often have terrible teeth although none of them look terrible and I didn't get the impression that he was struggling with the mechanics of eating.

AnUtterIdiot Thu 22-Sep-16 11:32:32

Oh maybe. He's now sort of howling at the end of his whines which gave me the proper horrors, hence bringing the appointment forward. Has been quiet for the last twenty minutes or so but now he's off again. It's simultaneously utterly heartrending and wildly frustrating.

AnUtterIdiot Thu 22-Sep-16 11:37:02

And now he's just quiet and relaxed. Oh well. Vet will hopefully have some nice obvious answers involving a small ear infection or similar rather than something horribly serious and/or psychological...

Jubaloo442 Thu 22-Sep-16 11:55:48

Yes, ears could be infected I guess? Hope you get some solutions from the vet.
They are terribly dramatic, ours screams when she has injections. Blood curdling, horrible screams. You'd think she was having things amputated. But then if you stand on her paw by mistake she is happy to have a really self indulgent Yelp to let you know how upset she is.

Jubaloo442 Thu 22-Sep-16 18:39:02

Any news?

AnUtterIdiot Fri 23-Sep-16 00:29:31

UTI. He's had his first AB and anti inflammatory and is much calmer. Thanks so much all for the pointers. starwine

AnUtterIdiot Fri 23-Sep-16 00:30:37

He's a massive drama queen but so far only when not well. Otherwise he is excellent.

Jubaloo442 Fri 23-Sep-16 00:59:04

Glad it's solved smile

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