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Dog trainer/behaviourist

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alleypalley Tue 20-Sep-16 15:53:50

We are having a lot of problems with the behaviour of our 10 month old mini schnauzer and just wandered if anyone had any recommendations for a good dog trainer in London.

We have had her since she was 9 weeks old, we did puppy socialisation classes where she was a bit more timid than the others but otherwise ok. We are now at the point though where we are really struggling, she is so aggressive to strangers. When we are out walking her if someone comes over to talk to me she will go nuts barking and lunging for them. Children particularly will set her off, especially if they are running or shrieking (don't get me started on how many people let their kids just walk up to try and pet a strange dog, I've had to physically intervene a few times!!)

If anyone has any recommendations or tips I would be very grateful. We are in Clerkenwell.

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