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Will puppy copy other dog?

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Blackfellpony Sun 18-Sep-16 18:32:51

Considering a puppy but we are trying to decide if it's the right thing or not.

Our current dog has major issues, she is very nervous and has been aggressive to strangers in the past. She is very much better but always has the potential to be unpredictable in new situations or if I'm not monitoring her properly.

How likley is it that a pup will copy these behaviours?
Would I end up with two reactive barking beasts or can I manage to train one without it picking up on the other one?!

OdinsLoveChild Sun 18-Sep-16 19:54:08

I found that puppies copy behaviours such as toilet training, how to sit/stay/lie down etc and how to react to the door.

I haven't found that anxiety or nervousness is copied this appears to be more associated with the puppies own character. I haven't yet had one copy those sort of traits from an older dog but it's always a possibility.

Blackfellpony Sun 18-Sep-16 20:21:55

Thank you Odin.

She is a very nervous dog in general, literally scared of life itself which evolved into fear aggression. She is much better but I wouldn't want to cause another puppy to have the same problems as she has.

I would train seperately but they would be together 90% of the time so it would have time to learn plenty of bad habits if it wanted too!

She's 18months old and sadly isn't going to make what I wanted her too hence thinking of another. I love her as a pet but as a working type dog she is as good as a chocolate fire guard hence thinking of another blush

orangeyellowgreen Sun 18-Sep-16 20:25:26

Dogs usually bark if another dog barks. We took in a relative's very quiet dog and he was soon barking along with our noisy boy.

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