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Tell me about your springer spaniels please!

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Vajazzler Sat 17-Sep-16 20:16:08

Having sadly lost our ddog recently we are keen to get another dog soon as we really miss him. After spending time with friends recently who have a springer dh thinks that a springer would be good for our family. Smaller than previous ddog but still good with kids, sociable, ok with other pets should we choose to add to the family later on. He's also thinking that agility classes are something we could do?
Do springers make good pets even if they're not a 'working dog' ?
Also, pics please! They are gorgeous dogs

NoelHeadbands Sat 17-Sep-16 20:20:44

My gorgeous springer girl with a new ear do, when she was smaller grin

Bouncy, ball obsessed, fidgety but also cuddly, affectionate and desperate to please. Adorable

Vajazzler Sat 17-Sep-16 20:23:12

She's gorgeous! Last ddog was also bouncy and ball obsessed.

lels99 Sat 17-Sep-16 20:23:37

If you can commit to the exercise, they are the most loving pets you could every wish for. Great with kids, crazy, ball obsessed but amazing.

OdinsLoveChild Sat 17-Sep-16 20:30:31

I have a cocker and a springer. They're both insane, funny, stinky (they can find fox pooh a mile away and head straight for it). They're lovely, big hearted, cuddly, bouncy dogs with an endless supply of energy that no amount of walking, chasing or playing can deplete.

My cocker is currently trying to push me off the seat on the sofa while pretending to be asleep while the springer is running around the house chasing spiders/daddy long legs.

I love them to bits but have to admit they can be very destructive if bored and alone for more than 3 minutes an hour or so. I don't know how to add photos sorry but they're obviously gorgeous grin

twinkletoedelephant Sat 17-Sep-16 20:32:14

Were also on the hunt for a springer type dog from a rescue we have been to loads today and they all seem to be practically empty at the minute.... Great for dogs not for us

This is Storm, sporting a flower he found in the garden.

He's as mad as a box of frogs, always so enthusiastic about life with a non-stop tail wag.

He was such hard work as a pup, had me in tears more than once, but now I wouldn't change him for the world.

Sleeperandthespindle Sat 17-Sep-16 20:33:50

Mine is 5 years old. Piece of cake to train. Active but so biddable that activity can be controlled. Great with kids (ignores them unless they want attention). Ball crazy, but not food obsessed. He doesn't bark. He can run half marathon distance easily but also go for days with just a few short walks. He loves to swim and is amazing to watch, especially when retrieving. He is now left alone while we work full time and appears content with this.

Only down sides - I don't think they're breed specific.
Hairy, moulty, smelly at times.
Mad for water and puddles - loves to swim but is always wet.
Sensitive tummy so gluten free to make poo manageable.

thepurplehen Sat 17-Sep-16 20:35:41

I have a cocker and he's a lovely dog. Fun loving and bouncy, loving and gentle all at the same time.

I agree that spaniels need lots of companionship and get bored easily. Also agree that you cannot exercise them enough.

Sleeperandthespindle Sat 17-Sep-16 20:36:00

Mine is completely quiet and calm in the house, for all his energy once he's out. Difficult to lead train actually, but walks to heel off lead angelically and has impeccable recall.

Tomhardysmistress Sat 17-Sep-16 20:36:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Vajazzler Sat 17-Sep-16 20:37:48

Odins I'm sure they are very gorgeous!
That's a shame twinkle have you been looking long?
WhereBe Storm is a very handsome chap!
I think i definitely want to go with a springer now 🐶

Vajazzler Sat 17-Sep-16 20:41:40

I'm used to box of frogs crazy and I work from home so not going to get left for long and we have plenty of fields around the house for walks as well as a field next to school which would be perfect for school run ball flinging.
Chester and Molly are beautiful!

TheGoodEnoughWife Sat 17-Sep-16 20:41:46

Go for a Welsh Springer, lovely temperament, happy to have exercise but happy to be with you whatever you are. And super cute but then I am bias!

Sleeperandthespindle Sat 17-Sep-16 20:42:44

Handsome boy

NoelHeadbands Sat 17-Sep-16 20:44:03

These pics are all so lovely

mirren3 Sat 17-Sep-16 20:49:21

I have a Lab who is brilliant, and have been looking after a friends springer for a month. She is beautifully trained, such a cuddly girl, will run for miles on a walk, water daft...the muddier the better. I'm seriously thinking my next dog will be a spaniel, I've always had bigger dogs but she's converted me.

devilinmyshoes Sat 17-Sep-16 20:49:55

mine does this most days hmm

lavenderbongo Sat 17-Sep-16 20:51:17

I love springers. Grew up with one and will never forget him. (I have a Spoodle at the mo). My Springer was the most loving, gentle, fun loving dog I have ever met. Loved taking him for long walks over the downs and he never tired of chasing balls. He lived for 18 years and we were devastated when he went - truely became the sixth member of the family. Great dogs

Vajazzler Sat 17-Sep-16 20:51:59

TheGoodEnoughWife they are gorgeous!! What's the difference between Welsh and English?

Sleeper so so so handsome!

TheGoodEnoughWife Sat 17-Sep-16 21:00:46

I think Welshies are a bit calmer, bit more velcro dogs (we work from home too so ideal) and are chestnut and white as opposed to liver or black.

They are rarer so more difficult to get hold of but really lovely dogs. We have two, the six year old is the first pic and our puppy is 8mths now (second pic)

NoelHeadbands Sat 17-Sep-16 21:06:35

This is us right now, she crab-walks sideways until she can go no further (in order to get as close as physically possible) then flops down and goes to sleep

Just to add - what everyone says about Springers loving water and mud is so true. Storm can leave a dry dustbowl of a field dripping wet and stinking!

LadyMaryofDownt0n Sat 17-Sep-16 21:15:26

They are fantastic dogs! So loving, obedient but fun & very loyal. Love ours.

Vajazzler Sat 17-Sep-16 21:28:53

You've been very helpful in making my mind up. Your dogs are gorgeous!

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