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Great Greyhound Gathering

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CMOTDibbler Sat 17-Sep-16 18:23:29

Did anyone else (apart from Scuttlebutter who I saw) go? It was my first time, and it was amazing to see all the pointies! My two got to have a lovely run in the fenced arena with new friends, and I spent Too Much.
I also found a dog the absolute spit of ddog2 who is very unusual, and who came from the same area as us so might share the same dad. It was really freaky to see!

PacificDogwod Sat 17-Sep-16 21:07:05

Too far away for us sad


ScattyHattie Sun 18-Sep-16 10:19:10

I went and enjoyed all the sighthounds & of course the shopping, but it wasn't a patch on previous years at its old venue so overall was a little disappointing & sad when its celebrating its 10th year. I'd thought it moved due to outgrowing the Nottingham Racecourse but it was smaller, less stalls and turnout was way down.

The Perry Bar RGT show's coming up on 9th October at Solihull riding club.I'm not local so don't go every year but its similar & indoors.

ScattyHattie Sun 18-Sep-16 10:23:54

That's cool finding a double & possible relative of DDog. I spoke to a chap who'd bumped into his dog's brother that was with the RGT branch for rehoming & they'd recognised each other which was sweet.

CMOTDibbler Sun 18-Sep-16 16:35:37

Was that the older chap who had only recently adopted the dog, having lost one not long ago?

Maybe I'll go to Solihull - its not far for me, and I did enjoy chatting to so many pointy owners

Scuttlebutter Tue 20-Sep-16 00:56:51

I really liked the new venue. There are some tweaks to be made to improve it, like getting rid of the annoying loud music and sharpening up the class list, but overall I think it has potential. I was especially impressed that they invited Jim Greenwood to come along and give a demo/advice. It's great that the Trust is finally waking up to the training potential of greyhounds - still far too many rescues who peddle the "they only need 2 x 20 minute walks a day" and "they are too thick to train" lines.

Perry Barr is always an awesome day out - the team there are brilliant and everything runs like clockwork. Lots of home made cake, great classes, and undercover - and did I mention the superb trade stands? grin

CMOTDibbler Tue 20-Sep-16 07:47:58

grin you don't have to mention those too many times! Though I did buy two coats from you for Oz, a glow in the dark collar for Kubes from Jonathan Greenwood (and had a lovely chat with Jim about him), leads, and treats.
The only thing we didn't do is get Oz's nails done as the queue was so huge

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