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Introducing blind dog to new baby

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daisygirlmac Thu 15-Sep-16 18:53:05

We have a 12 year old blind JRT who we rescued about 2 years ago and I wondered if anyone had any tips about introducing him to our baby when it arrives. He's been good around the children (all ages) he has met and I can't see any issues with him snapping or whatever (although obviously I will be careful!). I just don't want to stress him and if there are any tips people can suggest I would be grateful.

He is sometimes a bit jealous of me as he adores DH but doesn't growl, just prowls around trying to find a gap to separate us if we're sat on the sofa. I am going to get some kind of barrier so I can put baby on the floor, any thoughts on this as well? More to prevent baby being stepped on than anything else, the dog won't step over a barrier if he bumps his nose on it which has worked a treat keeping him off the veg patch.

Apologies that turned out longer than expected!

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