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adaptil collar and spray and nutracalm tablets- dog barking incessantly in garden

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dollylucy Sun 11-Sep-16 10:56:56

haven't made a blind bit of difference to the nervous behaviour and barking.
I can't use treats because he gets so wound up that they make him sick.
I can't use water, cos he is running round the garden like a lunatic.
Tried that bark clicker thing, nothing
Tried the pet corrector can, he just barks at me.

what else can I do?
I've ordered film for the doors so he can't actually see out of the back doors, but I think he will still just sit there and try and sense what's in the garden
So I now have a lovely garden that we cant use.
The front garden he doesn't bark, but I can't leave the front door open
For his last wee, I have to take him to the corner of the road, with DS in bed.
I've been to the vet 4 times, talked to 2 behaviourists, he has an apt at the dog hospital but its not until end of Nov.

dollylucy Sun 11-Sep-16 11:01:05

and he's so worked up that it gives him diarrhoea.

the behaviourists say no castration because its nerves and it could make it worse

the vets say yes to castration
its territorial so I guess it could work.

DietCockBreak Sun 11-Sep-16 16:40:41

Tbh if 2 qualified and experienced behaviourists haven't helped I don't think any unqualified MNer is going to be able to either, and taking bad advice could make the situation worse.

I have used zylkene before with anxious dogs, did your behaviourists mention that as an option?

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