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Dog behaviourist?

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WaitrosePigeon Sun 11-Sep-16 08:11:58

We've got some guarding issues with our 8 month old dog. If he has something in his mouth that we try and take away (something he shouldn't have, piece of plastic etc) we will growl, and I'm worried he's going to bite.

Is a dog behaviourist what I need? Are they regulated or can anyone call themselves a dog behaviourist? Or do I need the advise of someone else?

Mybeardeddragonjustdied2016 Sun 11-Sep-16 08:16:44

Offer the dog an appropriate alternative to the thing he shouldn't have. . That way taking something off him is a positive experience. . (dog book suggestion!) works with all of mine. Eventually just becomes a habit even without a treat to offer!

WaitrosePigeon Sun 11-Sep-16 08:18:39

Thanks mybeard, I can't believe I haven't thought of that.

WaitrosePigeon Sun 11-Sep-16 08:19:17

We will growl grin

I meant he will.

PikachuSayBoo Sun 11-Sep-16 08:20:02

Yep, that's what a dog behaviorist will say to do. It works.

WaitrosePigeon Sun 11-Sep-16 08:27:19

Advice too not advise! Sorry I'm clearly very hungover today.

Blackfellpony Sun 11-Sep-16 09:38:45

I would also do work with swapping items for higher value items.

It can work as a good game and it teaches them you will swap a toy for something even better (piece of chicken maybe?) so giving up the toys are a good thing.

I also spend lots of time with mine treating them as they are chewing or when walking past bowls etc and if they have something they shouldn't have I offer them a toy they want instead.

I would reccomend training classes though as they do cover these sorts of things and improving obedience really helps!

WyldFyre Sun 11-Sep-16 15:54:31

Take a look at this:

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