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12 year old ESS incontinent

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Tommosgirl Thu 08-Sep-16 19:11:54

I'm after a bit of advice. Our rescue dog Millie is a English springer spaniel and just turned 12. Recently she's turned into an old lady! We suspect she is loosing her sight as her eyes are getting cloudy and she keeps jumping when you walk past so I wondered if maybe her hearing is going too.

All of this I can cope with but the main thing that is becoming an issue is she just can't stop leaking wee. The sofa is permanently damp and smells wonderful. She poos in the house about 4 times a day and sometimes it just falls out of her and she doesn't even realise!

Someone today suggested getting her a tena lady nappy type thing but I think she will just rip it off.

She's also rather aggressive to other dogs and very possessive of our other ESS who is 4. He's a whole other story! The kids keep leaving the front door open and if a dog walks past she legs it out and attacks it. My neighbours rightly so asked me to try and stop her from coming out so we now have a dog gate in the inner hall which is helping.

If anyone has some suggestions on how I can help her and stay sane I'd be very grateful. Thanks xx

DramaAlpaca Thu 08-Sep-16 19:16:10

You can get medication to stop the leaky weeing. Our ESS was on it for her last couple of years. Talk to your vet.

villainousbroodmare Thu 08-Sep-16 19:17:37

The urinary incontinence might well respond to a drug called Incurin. This will, however, do nothing for the faecal incontinence. There is also a medication called Vivitonin which can improve blood supply and tissue oxygenation to multiple organ systems and can be quite helpful in older animals. Go and have a chat with your vet.

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