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What can I use to clean the smell of dog pee from Stone?

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FatimaLovesBread Thu 08-Sep-16 17:23:35

I have a recurring problem with dogs (one in particular) weeing on the front of our house. It smells.
Quite often the dog is urinating on the air grate that goes down to our cellar so when it rains the smell of dog wee drifts out.

I've grinned and beared it as I know it can be hard to stop them on the pavement and surrounding areas. But I've just come home already in a bad mood and there's an actual pool of piss on my doorstep!

There's a few weeds on the front which I plan on sorting out this weekend and I want to give the stone work a good scrub with something to hopefully remove the scent (and maybe the likelihood of other dogs following suit)

Any recommendations of what I could use please?
I know my neighbour scrubs her back yard with bleach and water but I don't want to potentially contaminate other people/animals as they're walking past

daisychicken Thu 08-Sep-16 17:36:19

Jayes Fluid? I used to use this to clean thoroughly clean stables etc and still use it to clean my backyard (as we have a dog and no grass). You dilute into a bucket of water and then scrub - I use a yard brush but scrubbing brush is fine too.

TrionicLettuce Thu 08-Sep-16 18:23:53

Simple Solution do a patio cleaner that works really well on stone.

I've got a patio are where my dogs go out on a daily basis and I use this stuff from Pets At Home which is also very effective.

pansycake Sat 10-Sep-16 20:35:34

We buy big industrial containers of white vinegar from amazon and regularly tip it over our dogs toilet area in on our patio, it removes the smell quickly.

WhatIsYourOpinion Sun 11-Sep-16 01:20:35

Not bleach, as it contains ammonia, which encourages them to go in the same place. White vinegar or biological washing powder solutiin.

Choccybadger Sun 11-Sep-16 01:30:26

We use Allchem kennel cleaner/disinfectant from Amazon. The bubblegum and baby powder scented ones are great. The smell they leave is fresh and not overpowering.
About £22 for 4 litre bottle.
Worth the money - our 4 dogs are not leaving the pee stench anymore.
Also, this product says kid and pet friendly.
Hope that helps

PovertyPain Sun 11-Sep-16 01:33:44

Jeyes fluid attracts cats and is poisonous to them. You'd have to make sure it can be rinsed away and what remains, dry out quickly.

What about a big bucket of hot water, with lots of washing powder in it? It's none toxic and neutralises urine. I dog sit and wash my floors with it, as I usually end up with a dog weeing somewhere and it's brilliant.

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