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New puppy coming - HEEEELLLPP!

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mrswroddy Tue 06-Sep-16 22:34:06

Our new puppy is coming on Saturday and he is only 8 1/2weeks, how do I take him out for a wee, I haven't got a garden since I live in a flat. I know he isn't supposed to be allowed out yet but what else am I supposed to do? I have puppy pads and a crate, harness and a travel "bag" for the car. Should I be taking him outside?

Shmary Tue 06-Sep-16 23:05:09

Our vet staggered the last two injections so after 10 weeks we could take our puppy out but we avoided parks, puddles, etc until week 12 but it's good for socialisation. We are in a flat but have a balcony although 8 weeks on it is still hit and miss but she mostly goes outside. You can use pee pads (although many people despise them but it's tough without a garden) but be consistent and take puppy to where you want them to go regularly. Probably every couple of hours to begin with and after play, sleep and food. She will go again where she has been before unless all scent is gone. She is unlikely to soil crate so that will help with routine. There are so many YouTube videos that can advise on crate and clicker training. This time will fly by. Good luck xx

WiddlinDiddlin Wed 07-Sep-16 01:58:31

The advice not to go out really has gone a bit insane - the idea is to avoid high risk areas where your puppy may pick up infection.

Pick somewhere relatively clean, ie a tarmac area that gets washed clean by rain, and isn't covered in dog turds, or a grassed area that is regularly mown and not covered in turds.

As you are in a flat then do you have a balcony, if so, put a tray with some turf out there.

Take him out - take him out A LOT, carry him everywhere, put him down in CLEAN places like friends houses, fields and parks that are NOT covered in poo..

Socialisation and habituation is really important - a lack of socialisation, and the behaviour problems that causes, kills MORE dogs than all the diseases we vaccinate against put together (And that statement comes from veterinary behaviourist Ian Dunbar, not me.. ) - so just exercise common sense about where he goes and who he mixes with, but certainly do NOT keep him in until his vaccinations are complete.

I understand what vets say - however vets are not behaviour experts and vets rarely have to deal with the fall out of behavioural problems except when it comes to putting the poor dog down.

Obviously don't let your dog mix with other dogs that are ill or dogs that you don't know, or in places you suspect to be filthy (btw, do NOT put your puppy down on the floor in the vets, thats probably THE germiest place going even if they do clean up twice a day!).

Finally - remember that socialisation/habituation doesn't just mean exposing your puppy to everything, it means pairing that exposure with high value reward - theres a truck, have a spot of cheese spread, theres a person - cheese spread - theres a cat - cheese spread - etc, EVERYTHING needs to be paired.

It is easy to forget to do this because a new puppy will just take on everything without really making a fuss, but hte key point is they MUST form a POSITIVE association - without it, that experience is in the database as 'unlabelled' and when it pops up again and the pup is at the stage when they can feel fear.. without that label 'THIS IS GOOD'... you'll get fear!

Dayna1 Wed 07-Sep-16 07:38:32

I think the above post summarises everything nicely. When my neighbours had their puppy, I remember them taking them around for a walk around the block. Nothing bad happened to it, so I suppose it worked out nicely.

Shmary Wed 07-Sep-16 08:21:27

Worth remembering that not all socialisation takes place outside. We'd not long moved house and it was like Piccadilly Circus with deliveries, handymen, etc. We also had a queue of friends and colleagues visiting. I personally didn't take her outside (with the exception of the vet, and holding her in my arms to the corner shop) until 10 weeks. But she's my first puppy and I was possibly over anxious. It's all worked out though and sure it will with you. Good luck!

takesnoprisoners Wed 07-Sep-16 08:34:31

WiddlinDiddlin has given you the best advice. Whatever you do, enjoy your puppy. Time flies and they grow so quick! And photos please smile

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